Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Daybook: 07.22.13


Outside my window...
overcast and 73°

I am thinking...about Pastor's sermon on contentment.  I really am blessed beyond measure and happy where I am.  I do have goals and dreams but if they never happen, I'm still good.  My life is in His hands.

I am thankful...for the assurance of knowing that He has my back!

In the kitchen... spaghetti and garlic bread

I am wearing...black capris and sandals, green and black top

I am creating...a more active lifestyle by exercising each day.

I am reading... "Not By Sight" by Kathy Herman.  I finished it on my lunch hour today and it was very good.

I am looking forward to... the next time I take a vacation.  I'm not sure of the dates yet, but I know I'm ready for one!

Around the house... thinking about switching out the curtains to lighten things up.

I am pondering...writing about the influence mature Christians have on new Christians.

A favorite quote for today...

Talk about your blessings more than you talk about your problems
… seen on twitter

One of my favorite things... lazy afternoons at the lake or by the river.  I think I love going so much because I don't have to be productive.  I can just "be."

A few plans for the rest of the week: this first part of the week will be laid back, but on the weekend I'm going to a cook out with friends on Friday, then a ladies fellowship on Saturday.

A peek into my day...

Sitting on a riverbank overlooking the Ohio River

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Ceil said...

Hi Jerralea! Someday, I'd love to hear the story of your name. It's so unusual and beautiful!

I love water too, it just calms me. Well, maybe all of nature does that for me. I really loved the part in your post that said you have plans, but if they don't come true, that's ok. You have learned how to let go, and that is a wonderful thing.

Happy Tuesday!

Jazzmin said...

You always have something so wonderful to say for what you are thankful for :)

And I am aiming for a more active lifestyle too. That's so important, just trying to get out and exercise. The heat isn't making it easy though.

What a lovely relaxing thing... sitting by the river. Love your photo!

Have a wonderful day♥