Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Post-storm Musings

It's ironic that I wrote about an Epic Storm last week .... and then Monday, a tornado hit Oklahoma.

*A meteorologist for the local news station KFOR called the tornado “the worst tornado in the history of the world.”

There have been storms where more lives were lost, but in terms of size, strength and duration of the twister, the Moore, Oklahoma, tornado definitely qualifies as one of the worst.

As I watched the television news reports of the devastation wrought by the twister, I felt so heartbroken for the victims.  In 40 minutes, the tornado had devastated life for those who lived in Moore.  Nothing again would ever be the same.

I've been through a flood which was devastating to me, yet when it was over, at least we still had the frame of our house to guide us in our rebuilding.  Moore residents have nothing but piles of rubble.

The epic storm I described was a spiritual storm.  The Oklahoma storm was a terrifyingly physical storm ... but there will be spiritual consequences. Will people seek God for comfort? Or will they blame Him?

I watched several interviews of survivors and also Oklahoma officials.  Nearly all of them mentioned prayers.  Funny how in times of trouble, people mention prayer.  (Of course, they don't mention Jesus; still, I'm glad their minds do focus on prayer.)

During that storm, it would have been more than natural to fear.  We are, after all, human beings.  Our mortality is never more evident than during a physical crisis. When the storm was over, I pray that many gave God thanks for His protection. 

Last week, I wrote, "Until the call on our lives is accomplished, no storm can overtake us, no matter how epic its proportions."  I still believe that. I know some died, but I know many were spared. Spared for a purpose, I believe.

Join me in praying that Oklahomans will seek God for wisdom in rebuilding their lives.  May a move of God's Holy Spirit minister in Moore like never before. It wouldn't be the first time He brought something beautiful out of ashes.

For those whose lives ended yesterday, I'm praying their families find comfort only He can give.  I can write no words of wisdom here except to point people to God when tragedy strikes.

After all, He knows how it feels to lose a child.  

He heals the brokenhearted And binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3


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Beth said...

Joining you in praying for Oklahoma. A beautiful post! Blessings to you. Beth

Mia De Vries said...

Dear Jerralea
My heart goes out to you all there in the USA. Our God specializes in bringing beauty out of ashes and strength out of weakness. Jerralea, creation suffers because of sin and nothing is as it will be one day when our Lord Jesus has made everything new! I am praying for you all with this terrible loss.
Blessings to you

Jimbob said...

We do know a little what they are going through in Moore Oklahoma, by the flood we had in 2011, when we got a foot of water in our house and had to rebuild, it looked so bad then but when I look at what happened in Moore I think it is really hard to not have anything at all to work with or a place to live or a car to drive. We had a lot of volunteer help that the Lord blessed us with, my heart goes out to the people in Moore Oklahoma

Jennifer @ said...

Praying with me. ... And yes, you're right. His story is closely linked to our broken hearts. Thank you.