Monday, April 22, 2013

Daybook: 04.22.13


Outside my window. sunshine.  It was 47° when I first got up.

I am thinking...of the beautiful world God made.  So much beauty to savor!

I am thankful... for the changing of the seasons.  There is much that is good about each one - even winter!

In the kitchen...comfort food:  homemade hamburger helper

I am wearing... black tank dress with animal print jacket.  I'm wearing sandals but not sure that it was a wise choice.

I am creating...blogposts ... I'm always thinking about new ones.

I am going... to Branson on Friday.

I am looking forward to...Branson.  4 more days!

Around the least I put the Easter centerpiece away ... I feel good about that.

A favorite quote for today...

"Our hope of salvation, forgiveness, peace in death and joy in the life to come rests on who God is, not on how we feel." AW Tozer
… seen on twitter

I'm so glad everything doesn't depend on feelings!

One of my favorite things... Sunday afternoon naps.

A few plans for the rest of the week: doing my work ahead so that I can go to Branson.  (Did I mention my trip is in 4 days?)

A peek into my day...

I pass these beautiful trees every day on my way to work.

The Daybook is a concept created by Peggy Hostetler.  You can link up at her blog, The Simple Woman's Daybook.


Jazzmin said...

Enjoyed your daybook, Jerralea!

I loved your "I am thinking" about God's beautiful earth! There really is so much beauty around us.
Enjoy your meal- hamburger helper is so delicious!

And I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip! It's always so exciting to know you are leaving somewhere fun when it starts getting closer :)

Have a blessed day♥

Anonymous said...

Seems you are having a restful, and thankful day!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I've never been there before~ Are you seeing someone in particular? ♥♥♥