Friday, April 5, 2013

After Life for Empty Nesters

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Do you ever feel a big let-down after an event?

Think of all the work we do getting ready for Christmas.  Gift-opening and Christmas dinner can be done in a matter of moments after weeks of preparation.

It kind of makes you feel blue.  No more searching for just that right gift.  No more company enjoying the morsels of delicacies that you slaved in the kitchen to prepare.

Its over.

And then there are the lifetime events that come and pass us by.



The birth of your babies, the day they start school, and then that dreaded day, the day after they leave home.

What does one do now?

I'm glad that God thinks Jeremiah 29:11 thoughts towards me.  I have an expected end.  I still have a future and a hope.

Nowhere in the Bible have I found where it talks about retirement.  I believe after every bend in the road, there is a future waiting for me.

There is an after life for empty nesters!


Five Minute Friday

This post was written in response to the prompt "after" at 5 Minute Friday writing challenge sponsored at Lisa-Jo Baker: tales from a Gypsy Mama.  She challenges us to write for 5 minutes with no revising or second-guessing yourself. Give it a try!


nomad said...

I found this to be personally a tough post, then I read yours. We both touched on the same theme. You did a real good job!

Kelly Baesen said...

Hey! Just stopping by from FMF! I loved your after! God never stops using us for His glory!! :)

infamousmorris said...

I've got a way to go to be an empty nester, but I know the loneliness of the after. Funny, I've read at least ten afters, and they all speak on the joy and peace in the after... I love the change of pace you've offered. True, I know the feeling of, what now? I pray that your life- just beginning a new season- will be full... with many afters, the joyful,peaceful kind.

mare ball said...

I love Jeremiah's verse too. It hangs in my living room. Whatever the loss/struggle in the present, there is purpose/growth in it. There is always a better day to come. Thanks for the reminder.

May said...

I miss what has been lost with all the befores, but have grown to find comfort in good in the afters as well. Nice post.