Friday, March 22, 2013

Remember the Good

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Lately, I have been writing some nostalgic pieces and it is fun to remember all the good times and funny things that has happened in my life.

Of course, I must be honest and say that there are some memories that are not fun to recall.  Memories that make you stew and fret and wish you had done things differently.

But I choose not to dwell on those.

I'm a big believer in Philippians 4:8.  Dwell on the positive.  Think about good, lovely and uplifting things.  I choose to remember on all the beautiful blessings God has placed in my life.  He has blessed me above and beyond anything I could ask or think.

He has blessed you, too.  Maybe you are going through tough times right now and you don't think you are blessed.  I'm not discounting your pain, but I know you can find blessings if you look hard enough.

You are alive.

You have choices.

You can choose to serve the one true God who makes life worth living.  Even if you haven't chosen Him before, you can do it now. You can change your life with one sincere repentant prayer.

And that, my friend, means that as long as you have the opportunity to choose and to change, you are blessed.

Five Minute Friday

This post was written in response to the prompt "remember" at 5 Minute Friday writing challenge sponsored at Lisa-Jo Baker: tales from a Gypsy Mama.  She challenges us to write for 5 minutes with no revising or second-guessing yourself. Give it a try!


Richelle @ Our Wright-ing Pad said...

true words - well written and very good to remember. :-)

L. Hedgecock said...

Such an upbeat post! When we dwell on the positive, the negative tends to fade.

Thanks for the reminder of what we should remember.

Laura Hedgecock

Maxine said...

I love love your glass is half full post! When you realize you are a daughter of the KING, you can find HIS love in everything around you! Blessings!!

Jessica said...

Amen! Be positive as much as you can and when negative arises, they don't seem as bad!


Jazzmin said...

Thankyou so much for this post! It was so uplifting to read! It can be so hard to put the good thoughts or memories over the bad in your mind, but being positive makes such a difference. I am thankful for this reminder to enjoy the blessings that are all around us and given to us by such a gracious God!

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Denise said...

Very true.