Friday, March 8, 2013

Home - The Best Place To Be

Home is the feeling you get when you come in the door, kick your shoes off, and breathe in the atmosphere of the sanctuary you have created.  Your favorite things are there, your comfy clothes, the snacks you love, and hopefully, the people you love.  Even if you live alone, your loved ones presence is there in the pictures and mementos you have gathered around you.

I submit the same feelings will be there the day you walk across the heavenly threshold of your forever home.  The atmosphere will be one of sanctuary.  You've made it.  The long arduous journey to get Home is over.  No more trials, tests or travel delays.

Your favorite things will be there, too.  The love and companionship of your Savior, like-minded family and friends, the treasures you've stored up while living as an alien amongst the world.

When you shake that travel dust off you, when you are arrayed in clothing suitable for a King's kid, when you are seated at that heavenly banquet prepared for the Family, you are going to relax.  Ahhhh.... this is what you've been longing for ... this feels like Home.


Home where the love of my Savior, family and friends will envelop me - nothing will separate us throughout eternity.  Joy will flow at having made heaven my home and that the journey is over.  Peace will exist because will be no more pain, sorrow or death.  Just life such as we have never experienced and love and harmony forever.

Truth is:  I'm a little homesick to go there.  How about you?

Five Minute Friday

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Amy said...

So true! I think we're all a little homesick here on this earth.

Visiting from Five Minute Friday...have a great weekend!

Janis Cox said...

Great to meet you. Linking in from Lisa Jo.
Yes - warmth and caring is what we will find in Heaven. But we can find that through Jesus now - if we watch for it.
Longing for that time but living with Him here and now.