Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Black Ice

Our truck after driving on black ice.
Did you ever hit a patch of black ice when driving?

We sure did.

We were heading home after a long and upsetting day.  It had just turned April and it was a rainy dreary evening getting colder by the minute.

Our route home included driving on "Grapevine Trail," a road aptly named for its twists and turns.

My husband was driving and we were discussing the things that had made that day so distressing when all of a sudden, he started screaming!  I looked over at him in wonder and the next thing I knew I was laying in a ditch with the vehicle on its side pinning me down with my hair caught underneath it.

It happened just that fast.

Black ice is dangerous and deceptive.  You don't see it, so you make no extra precautions. 

No time to think or pray.  Just, BAM, we were in the ditch.

The wreck happened over 20 years ago, yet the lessons learned from my time in the ditch remain.  Life is uncertain - even, or maybe especially, for the Christian - and I need to be ready at all times.  Ready to be a witness.  Ready to meet my maker.

We have no guarantees that our lives will be x number of days.

And so, I've learned to not let the important things be undone.

Forgive - because you might not get another chance.

Say I love you - it might be your last opportunity.

Most importantly, let there be nothing between you and Christ.  You might be meeting Him much quicker than you had anticipated.


I've written about this true event in a more light-hearted manner (read My Husband Cannot Cut Hair) but I wanted to share a more serious version with the community at Tell His Story.  You can find more stories at Jennifer Dukes Lee.


Karyn said...

I am glad that was not the day you went to heaven, Jerri! :) I would not have been able to 'meet' you.

Anonymous said...

Love this! So true! God is good -- He gives us those "crossroad experiences" to help us gain perspective.

Lisa notes... said...

Those kind of experiences never leave us. The truck looks horrible! Wow. I'm glad the Lord spared you. But you're right; there are no guarantees that we'll have tomorrow. We must always love to our fullest in the present day. Thanks for a great post.

Jimbob said...

Yep your right you never forget something like this, it shows you how God takes care of you when you least expect it

Jennifer @ said...

Jerralea ... This is such a good reminder. I was involved in a car accident in 2009, and since then, have had these same thoughts. I seriously thought I was going to die that day. It was a nearly-head-on crash on a highway. The other drive hit ice, and swerved across the center lane.

(I read your hair story, too. Fun stuff! :) )

Susanne said...

What a good post, Jerri. It certainly is scary incidences like that that remind us to not forget the most important things. Glad you and your hubby made it out.