Friday, February 22, 2013

What Mama Did

Lately, I've been participating in Lisa-Jo Baker's 5 Minute Friday.  You write for 5 minutes on her choice of word.  Write without endless revisions or second-guessing yourself.

Today's word is:    WHAT MAMA DID

To describe my mama in just five minutes is a hard thing to do.  But the quality I remember most she modeled for me and my brother and sister when we were growing up was loyalty.  She stayed true to her commitments when life was tough.

There's a line in a song called Love Is that is on the new album of Jeff and Sheri Easter's "Eyes Wide Open." "It's staying when you could just call it quits ... that's what love is."

Dad had a drinking problem in the early years of their marriage.  It made life difficult.  Sometimes there would be days on end when she was the only adult around, in charge of 3 kids with no back up.  No adult conversation.  Sometimes no vehicle to go anywhere.  Just endless laundry, meals, and cleaning up the kitchen mixed in with mediating children's fights, washing a little boy's mouth out with soap and sending little girls to their room.

She had to take her children to church alone for more years than I care to count.

But loyalty paid off, as it always does. Dad experienced a conversion that was so real that the last half of their marriage reaped the benefits of her belief and commitment.

Mama taught us you don't quit.


Five Minute Friday

If you'd like to join this writing exercise, go to Lisa-Jo's blog, Lisa-Jo Baker:  tales from the Gypsy Mama. 

4 comments: said...

As a mama that just won't quit, I love this post! I hope my son sees me the same way one day and that we too will reap the benefits of determination. God Bless! Allison

Jimbob said...

There is a saying that "when the going gets tough. The tough get going" I have found that to be true.

Sydney said...

My mother refused to give up as did yours. Praise the Lord for the restoration of your parent's marriage. What a VICTORY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I loved that your mama showed you that loyalty in the face of difficulty is still loyalty. Loyalty wouldn't be valued as much if it was easy. Good for your mom!