Friday, December 14, 2012


I got a late start today, and didn't get to do my FFF post until after I heard the news about an elementary school in Newtown, CT. 

26 dead.

Reports say a shooter killed his mother and her entire kindergarten class.  

Before he went to the school, he killed his dad at home.

This has really affected me, and I thought, "After hearing that, I can't even remember last week, let alone 5 favorites."

But there are at least 5 things I know and build my hope on:

1. God is still on His throne.

2. God is love.

3. God is righteous.

4. He brings good out of tragedy.

5. He alone can comfort.

I believe those innocent little children are sitting on His lap and getting loved on right now.

Please join with me in prayer for those families who have experienced such loss.

UPDATE:  28 are dead from this massacre:  20 children, 6 adults, the mother of the shooter, and the shooter.

He did not kill his dad; it was his mother he killed at home.  He then drove to the school and opened fire in two classrooms.

Sorry for the misinformation - I was going by news reports at the time. 

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Jazzmin said...

I really appreciated your post and your 5 things... they are so important to remember, especially that God brings good out of tragedy.
I can't imagine what someone is thinking when they go and do something like this, but keeping that in mind I think helps everyone to not blame God for the things like this that happen.


Laura said...

Beautiful and perfect.

Willow said...

It has been hard for me to concentrate this afternoon. I can't imagine the sadness.
Your fives faves are spot on--I will hold on to them.

Faith said...

this was the best post I read all evening. thank you. it is so tragic and I cannot imagine the parents' pain..the ones who lost beloved children and teachers. Our community had great sadness last week(drunk driver hit and killed 2 local seniors, and seriously injured 2 othe high school students...very tragic) my mom died 7 wks ago and now much senseless loss. but God brings peace and comfort and I"m praying for that to cover the victims' families and that CT community.

Susanne said...

My heart broke for those families all day yesterday.

mare ball said...

five excellent points. Truth spoken. God is all we have!

fruitfulwords said...

Thanks for posting these truths especially that God is still on the throne. I needed to be reminded of that again.