Friday, November 30, 2012

Wondering About Home

Five Minute Friday


On Fridays, I love to stretch myself by participating in Lisa-Jo's 5 minute Friday blog party.  Lisa-Jo gives us a word and we write for 5 minutes, writing from the heart, and not doing endless revisions of what we have written.  Just plain and simple off-the-cuff writing.  Visit her at her blog, Lisa-Jo Baker: tales from a Gypsy Mama, if you would like to participate.

Today's word is:


Lately, I've been thinking about Home.  I do have a wonderful earthly home that I love to come back to every night, but I've also been thinking about my heavenly home.

I'm convinced that it is going to be so awesome when I get to my forever home.  Both my earthly and my heavenly daddy are there and I can't wait to see them both! My grannies are there and a host of friends and loved ones.  I get so lonesome to see them ...

I think a lot about the time Jesus said "I go to prepare a place for you."  When I see what an outstanding job God did making the world I live in now, I can't help but wonder how much more spectacular a place made to order, designed with us in mind, is going to be!

I wonder what it will be like to never have more deadlines to meet, bills to pay, expectations to fulfill and never feel that I disappointed anyone ever again.

I wonder what it will be like to have unlimited time.  Time to always stop and visit.  Time to listen.  Time to tell it all, and to hear it all.

I wonder how it will be to have a glorified body; one that never feels pain or tiredness again.  

I'm just wondering about home ...



Christy said...

I really enjoyed your post about home. Your "wonderings" made me yearn for home as well. Thank you for sharing!

Christy @ A Heartening Life

Jess said...

I wonder about this too - but I drive myself crazy with the questions! haha

It's a good thing to be wondering about though. Thanks for sharing!

I'm visiting vie 5MF today.

BARBIE said...

I've been wondering about my home in heaven a lot lately. I know it will be beautiful and peaceful!

Pattie said...