Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thankful for Beauty

I've written many times of my love for the beauty of nature.  God has blessed us with gorgeous scenery. It is uplifting to the soul to gaze on the beauty God has made.

Beauty is all around if you willing to see it.

Not just beauty of landscape, although that is certainly a source of beauty.  What about beauty of spirit? A person with a loving spirit exudes a beauty no amount of make-up and jewelry can match.

What about the beauty of home?  It doesn't take a mansion to make your dwelling beautiful in your eyes.  When your home is a haven filled with peace, love and acceptance, it is beautiful to you.

Creativity has a beauty that touches your innermost being.  Art, music and books all can reveal something beautiful to you. You might be the only one that "gets it," but the beauty speaks to you.

Words can be beautiful.  Nothing is more beautiful and satisfying than to hear, "I love you."

I'm thankful for the creativity that God gave us to express beauty.  What is beautiful to you?

All during the month of November, I will be sharing my gratitude for all God has given me. I'm joining Joyful Reader on her Giving Thanks Challenge at her blog, Encouragement for Daily Bible Reading.

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May said...

We of like minds on the beauty of home. I always swoon over homes that convey the personality of the person(s) who live there, that are warm and inviting and where I can sense love. I have been in some of the most humble homes in town as well as some of the luxury models. it is in some of the more humble ones where I have found true beauty and where I feel most at home.