Friday, November 2, 2012


It's been a fairly quiet week here at the Journey.  It's time to reflect and find five highlights of the week.

1.  On Saturday, Jim and I, along with our friends Wayne and Glenda, took a little train trip.  We rode the train up to Centralia, visited historic Centralia House Restaurant, then rode the train back.  We had a wonderful time:  the ride was smooth and enjoyable, the food was pretty good (although I have decided I am NOT a fan of salmon), and the laughs were awesome! We told so many stories, we laughed until tears rolled down our faces - well, Glenda and my faces, anyway.

Amtrak Train

Wayne and Glenda

 Jim and Jerri

Illinois countryside - flat!

Farm land

It's fun to try and capture scenery from the train window ... Here is another road picture for my collection.

The sky was gorgeous that day.

Centralia Train Depot

Centralia House Restaurant.  Click here for history.

Inside the restaurant ... I wish I had taken a photo of the gorgeous metal embossed ceiling.

Inside the train depot, with old-fashioned pew-like seating, but NO ticket counter at all!  Does everyone buy tickets online like we did?

2.  Sweater weather:  This week was on the cool side, weather-wise. It was fun to wear sweaters and boots and jackets that we had packed away.  It almost felt like a brand new wardrobe.

3.  Every day posting:  I finished my 31 Days of Encouragement series.  It was fun and it proved to me that I can think of something to write everyday.  Immediately as that series ended, I've begun a Giving Thanks Challenge hosted by Joyful Reader at her blog, Encouragement for Daily Bible Reading.  After all, a day without posting would be ...weird.  It will be no problem for me to share 30 things for which I am thankful. I'm sure she would love it if you would join us!

4. Favorite meal:  This week, I'd have to say my favorite meal is my baked BBQ chicken dinner.  I'm crazy about it!  AND the topper was, chocolate mint cookies warm from the oven.  Yum Yum.

5.  Favorite quote:  I really gotten into reading Tozer lately, and here is what he has to say about a church concerned with its numbers:

To judge anything spiritual by statistics is to judge by another than scriptural judgment. It is to admit the validity of externalism and to deny the value our Lord places upon the soul as over against the body. It is to mistake the old creation for the new and to confuse things eternal with things temporal. Yet it is being done every day by ministers, church boards and denominational leaders.  - A. W. Tozer "Tozer on Christian Leadership"

Lord, may we not focus on how many are in our services, but may all focus on YOU!

This ends my week on the Journey. Hope yours was awesome!  If you'd like to share, link up at Susanne's blog, Living to Tell the Story.


Kathie said...

Willow wrote about trains this week too - I wish we had them here on the Island. All our train routes are now Rails to Trails.

A very astute quote from Tozer - a lot of wisdom there.

Mmm - mint cookies - are we going to get the recipe?? :)

Happy weekend!

Willow said...

I KNOW you live east of the Mississippi River, BUT. When I read that you had taken Amtrak to Centralia and (I presume) you ate salmon there, I wondered if you were in Washington State. There is a Centralia there and Pacific Ocean salmon could easily have been on the menu.
I love riding Amtrak. So relaxing and you travel through different landscapes than when you drive a car. And yes, taking photos through train windows can be tricky.

Anonymous said...

How fun that you have a collection of road photos! Your trip sounds relaxing. I smiled at your salmon discovery -- sometimes it's just good to know what we don't like!

Every-day posting sounds like quite the challenge. Glad you for up for it!

Brenda said...

Two things I love in your post: I love train rides and I love Tozer. Even when you want to say, "ouch" after you read him, he is amazing and challenges us to think.

Great post! :)

Susanne said...

Tozer has such great quotes to ponder.

I would love to take a day trip train ride. How fun. And of course, I love your road picture!

Congratulations on making it with a daily post. And on one main theme to boot! I find that amazing!

Anonymous said...

So true, getting out and wearing Fall/Winter clothes is so like getting a new wardrobe. I am looking forward to wearing old favourites.

BBQ chicken is a delish meal. And of course made all the much better by the addition of the chocolate mint cookies. I'd love to have that recipe too.