Friday, October 5, 2012

Welcome to the Family

On Fridays, I love to stretch myself by participating in Lisa-Jo's 5 minute Friday blog party.  Lisa-Jo gives us a word and we write for 5 minutes, writing from the heart, and not doing endless revisions of what we have written.  Just plain and simple off-the-cuff writing.  Visit her at her blog, Lisa-Jo Baker: tales from a Gypsy Mama, if you would like to participate.

Today's word is ....


As a church secretary, I often type into the bulletin "Welcome to the Church Family" whenever someone joins the church.

Welcome, we're glad you decided to join the fellowship and become a part of us.  We're glad you want to do life with us.  It's so exciting to have new people come!  

There's a song that the Booth Brothers do that says it all so well:

The tablecloths are red and white, the tea is sweet and cold
The lines are long for that good fried chicken and green bean casserole
Old folks all are fanning, the young kids are at play
The preacher asks the blessing, it’s a scene that seems to say


Welcome to the family you can feel at home here
There’s a lotta love that goes beyond these years
There’s nothing like the fellowship of those who love the Lord
So welcome to the family, there’s always room for more

We all feel like nappin’ on a Sunday afternoon

But we’ll stick around for a while to sing some good ole gospel tunes
It doesn’t matter if the voices and the songs are new or old
There’s something in the harmony that’s speaking to my soul.


When I count my blessings it’s easy to see
My brothers and sisters that mean so much to me

I think about the many times they’ve kept me in their prayers

And the countless ways they’ve always shown me that they care
And I know they’ll still walk with me no matter what’s ahead
Yes so much more than just their words, their lives have always said
(By the Booth Brothers)

May our church homes always be welcoming and ready to include newcomers into their lives.  Worshiping together, studying the Word together, praying for each other, keeping up with each others lives and helping meet their needs  - what could be better?

If you don't have a church home, I pray that you will diligently search until the Lord leads you to one.  There's always room for more!



Anonymous said...

I love this, and I love the song! My husband is a minister, and I know first-hand that the work a secretary does to make new members feel welcome goes a long way. Thanks for your blog ... and thanks for what you do at your church!

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of the song you mentioned before, but after reading the words, it sounds wonderful. It's true, we do as Christian need to joyfully welcome others to the body of Christ.

jennifer anderson said...

people dont stick around for the good ole tunes in the afternoon like they used to! but years ago my dad and his relatives had a group who later would sing at their little church's homecoming every year.