Friday, October 5, 2012


Today is my favorite day of the week - Friday! Time to review the highlights from the last week in my world.

1.  On Saturday, Jim and I once again headed out on a road trip.  Our destination?  Whippoorwill Lake in southeast Missouri.  It was a picture-perfect day, beautiful weather and gorgeous scenery.

There is just something so calming about sitting outdoors enjoying nature - preferably by a body of water.  I grew up in Florida and being by the ocean, especially at sunrise or sunset, is one of the joys of my life.  But I  love lakes, rivers and ponds, too. 

2.  On Sunday, I joined over 1,000 bloggers in a 31 day challenge to write on one topic that is near to our hearts.  I chose encouragement since I have always felt that it was my calling to be an encourager. People tell me they think it will be difficult to write for 31 days, but I feel I chose the perfect theme.  I am beginning by explaining why we should encourage others and then finishing up the month with discussing encouraging ourselves. 

If you'd like to read along, visit my beginning post, 31 Days of Encouragement. Links to each day's post will be found there.

3.  I've mentioned the little mom and pop restaurant that just opened up in our town before.  Also, on Sunday, we went back for their Sunday dinner.  Smoked ham, candied sweet potatoes, and pasta salad were my choices on the menu.  It was even better than the first meal we tried there.  I'm thinking we might have to work Tom's Place into our weekly routine.  I love eating out!

4.  Quote of the week:

We were discussing the revival this week at the church where I work, and how people are disappointed if there are not decisions made for Christ during the meetings. Pastor Todd said,

 "If the sole purpose of having a revival was to get people saved, we'd call them "alive-als!" 

Instead, revivals are meant to fire us up and go tell the good news to those who are dead in their sin.

The first two men in my life:  Dad and my little brother, Tim

5.  Happy Birthday to my little brother! His birthday is today.  I'm thankful for all the years when he was my first best friend and constant companion.  We were very close up until I moved a thousand miles away from home.  I still think he is a great guy who is very tenderhearted - and honest!

So ends my week here at Jerralea's Journey.  If you'd like to read other Friday's Fave Five posts, link up at Susanne's Living to Tell the Story.


Karen said...

Your words have always brought great encouragement to me, Jerri...

Anonymous said...

Wow, 31 days in a row! I'm impressed. I think encouragement is the perfect theme for you! That lake sure is beautiful. So gorgeously green and restful.

Happy birthday to your little brother!

Susanne said...

Such gorgeous places you find and share with us. I love being by lakes and water too!

I like what your pastor said about revivals. Great perspective and one we believers need to take to heart. We need some firing up!

You could write a little devotional book after your 31 days of writing on encouragement! I think that is a great topic!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Your nature pictures are just lovely. I know what you mean about the peace you feel sitting by a body of water. I plan to be doing that soon...and am excited.

I didn't know you were going to be a 31 dayer, too! I'll be popping over. If there's anything I love, it's encouragement.

Faith said...

that 31 days writing thing sounds great but during the school year that is nigh unto impossible for me...maybe I'll do that in the summer months! LOL....sounds like you had a great week of blessings!!! that lake sounds and looks perfect. One of my absolute fave birds in the Adirondack mts is the whippoorwill...been too many years since I've heard his cry.

Don Blankenship said...

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