Friday, October 12, 2012

FFF - 10.12.12

Friday, wonderful Friday!  I love me some Fridays, and I love to look back and see how blessed my week was.

1. Cozy Fall Evenings - the weather this week was perfect, in my opinion.  Saturday, especially, was a nice evening to come home, light all the candles, lounge in pajamas and curl up with an afghan. 

A perfect evening to blog!  I was excited because FINALLY the "About Me" and "Top Posts" pages on my blog had something on it.  I worked diligently Saturday night getting links ready for those pages. (This included a lot of pleasurable reading of my old posts!)  It was embarrassing to check my stats and see how every week people clicked on those pages and I knew there was nothing there to see.  Now there is!

2.  Fall Decor:  May I just say, for the 40 eleventh time, I love candles and fall-themed decor?  Here is a shot of our table with a fall runner and pumpkin and leaves tealight candle holders. Hmmm... I took that photo the wrong time of day ... shadows are showing up ...

3.  Encouragement - As all my readers know, I'm working on posting every day on the theme of 31 Days of Encouragement.  I'm one-third of the way through.  As I write these posts, I'm building myself up as well.  You just can't dwell on scripture without feeling lifted up - or receiving a "faith-lift"  as Dian Ritter Enright writes in our local newspaper

4.  Quote of the week:

Life’s not hard because you’re doing anything wrong: Life is a battle. Put on your armor.

So often when life gets tough, I think it's because of something I've done.  I forget that it is always going to be a battle - I'm not in heaven, yet.  But God has provided a way to have joy in the midst of the struggle!

5. Anticipation:  Tomorrow is date night with our favorite couple, Wayne and Glenda.  The four of us are gong to eat pizza, go to a local American Idol talent show, and hopefully, laugh like crazy!

Thus ends another week of the Journey.  Hope your week was fantastic.  Link up at Susanne's place, Living to Tell the Story, and tell us all about it!


Nita in South Carolina said...

I love your blog. I *always* get something good from your posts. Thank you!

Faith said...

I like visiting your blog, too! You are always so cheerful sounding! And I am right there with ya about the cozy autumn evenings, with a candle, hot tea or coffee and a good book or time to blog :) Enjoy the weekend!!

Kathie said...

A lovely centrepiece - I enjoy the cosiness of fall too!

A perfect quote!

Thinking of you, out on your date night right now, laughing like crazy and enjoying yourself to the max!

Happy weekend!

Jess said...

Ann Voskamp's Battling Hard was on my list of encouraging things this week. especially the quote you listed!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and I'm encouraged by stopping by yours!

Anonymous said...

That quote is so full of truth. How often I've heard (or felt myself), what am I doing wrong??

Regarding fall-themed decor -- you can rave about them any time. Yours are very pretty. And shadows are fine! Hope you enjoy your evening with friends.

Off to check out your new pages!

Brenda said...

Fall is a wonderful time after all the busy-ness of summer and before the Holiday season takes hold. Sounds like you are doing a great job enjoying it!

Willow said...

Now I'll go and click on the About page :)
As soon as it is cool enough here, I'll be pulling out my candles, too. I love the picture you painted in words: pyjamas, afghan, cuddle, candles. Me, too!

Susanne said...

I'm with you, I love fall, the coziness, the colors, the decorations, the candles. Love your pumpkin centerpiece!

Yay for getting what you wanted accomplished on your blog. I've been wanting to get some things done in that area too but haven't been motivated.