Thursday, September 27, 2012


I love fall!  It's my favorite season of all.  Here are ten reasons why:

10.  Fall decor.  Scarecrows, pumpkins, leaves - what's not to like?  It's a time of the year when creativity abounds.  Decorators use so many natural elements in their vignettes.  I've seen people even use feathers and antlers in their displays. (Did you know that you can get fake antlers and deer heads?)

9.  Candles:  Along with the fall decor, I love candlelight.  Evening comes quicker in the fall, and it just makes everything cozy when candles are lit. I'm all about ambiance!

8.  Cover Up:  There's something just comforting about curling up in my favorite recliner with a warm fuzzy throw.  (Mine is a cheetah printed one.)  Fall is a time to break out the afghans, throws and (dare I say it?) the Snuglis!

7.  Mums the word:.  Fall is the time of the year they are in bloom.  This year, I have a big yellow mum.  So cheery to look at!

6 .Turn, Turn, Turn: the season of turning leaves brings me joy.  I love it when the leaves are shades of ruby, yellow and orange.  God is such a master designer!

5. Baby, It's C-C-Cold Outside:  love to savor warm drinks when fall comes.  I'm still loving my Folgers Caramel Drizzle coffee each morning, and I also love to sip Irish Breakfast Tea - no matter what time of day I'm relaxing.

4.  Comfort foods: I'm so excited to have chili back in our diet as a weekly staple.  I also love soups and stews throughout fall and winter.

3.  Boots and Cardigans:  Can I just say that I love me some fall apparel?  I have much cuter clothes for fall and winter and I can't wait to wear them!

2.  Candy Corn:  Yum!  I love candy corn, both to eat, and to set out in beautiful dishes with my fall decor.

1.  Cooler temps:  The number one reason I love fall is the cooler temperatures.  My idea of Heaven is 70° days and 50° nights.  I also love when the weather requires neither air conditioning nor heating.  It's so refreshing when you can leave the windows open.

The above post was written in response to prompt #5, at Writer's Workshop, "Fall is here! List your top 10 favorite things about this Fall season."  Link up at Kathy's blog, Mama's Losin' It.


Andrea Schroeder said...

This makes me want to out on sweats, grab a cup of warm, homemade soup, and watch a sad movie. I love fall too. It is my favorite season!

Andrea Schroeder said...

uggg...that should be put on sweats. lol

OneMommy said...

The cooler temps and snuggling beneath the covers definitely ranks up there with me!

Stopping in from Mama Kat's

Tiffany said...

Oh ya, same here! Autumn is just so warm and snuggly. Makes we wanna go take a walk down a nice path!

Thank for stopping by my blog and came to return the favor from mama kat's.

Enjoy the wonderful season!

Susanne said...

I love fall too for all these reasons, too! You can add Pumpkin Spice Lattes to the list! The only thing I don't like is that now I have to get up in the dark. Ugh.

May said...

I am with you all the way. Had to chuckle as I read. I am wrapped in a warm throw, drinking my hot tea with two candles burning nearby throwing spicy autumn scents into the air. Our sisterhood continues!

Anonymous said...

Jerr you described me to a tee! There is something that just feels so right about this time of the year. I wish it was like this all the time :)

Carol said...

I'm so with you on the cooler temperatures. It was such a hot summer this year... our air conditioning costs were through the roof! We were finally able to shut it off a couple of weeks ago. I am looking forward to the sweaters and blankets to snuggle in, too. Fall really is the best time of year with all the beautiful colors and smells and the anticipation of decorating for the holidays. Have fun!

Mimi B said...

I can't stand the cooler temps, but that's cuz MN gets so stinking cold. I do like the blankets we pull out for the couch and chair. Didn't even think about that one for my list. I just started burning my Fall candle yesterday! =)