Friday, September 14, 2012

Focus Ahead; Don't Look Back

On Fridays, I love to stretch myself by participating in Lisa-Jo's 5 minute Friday blog party.  Lisa-Jo gives us a word and we write for 5 minutes, writing from the heart, and not doing endless revisions of what we have written.  Just plain and simple off-the-cuff writing.  Visit her at her blog, Lisa-Jo Baker: tales from a Gypsy Mama, if you would like to participate.

Today's word:  FOCUS

To me, the thing I want to be my focus is Christ and the home I will one day have with Him.  This world is not my final destination.  It's not all there is.

But I cannot allow the failures of my past, the wrongs that have been done me, the broken dreams to hold me back. I cannot allow even the pleasures of this world to entangle me.

"... But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and reaching forward to what is ahead, I pursue as my goal the prize promised by God’s heavenly call in Christ Jesus...." Philippians 3:13-14 HCSB

I have to forget about the past and fix my eyes on Jesus and keep going on my journey to Home.  

I love the analogy of the book, "Pilgrim's Progress," that portrays the Christian experience as a journey, a walk sometimes following a treacherous path.

We have to stay on that straight and narrow path, even though the world tries to get us to lose our focus and follow a rabbit trail.

Focus on Him, and remember this world is not your home.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. I understand your message to focus on Jesus and our destination. It is so true the world is not our home.

Susan said...

Hello Jerralea, I found you from Melanie. I like the word focus since I have a hard time with it at times. I have read Pilgrim's Progress too and it is a good book. Nice to meet you!


Love this post.