Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday's Fave Five-06.01.12

Every Friday, I participate with a group of bloggers who stop and remember 5 highlights of their week.  Sometimes our lists are overflowing with blessings and sometimes we have to look hard to find those gems of happiness.  However, every week they can be found!

In the natural, nothing much happened this week.  Then I began to think of how I love a normal week.  Normal means there are no crises to consume me!

1.  I love how day after day, my world keeps spinning.  I have a beautiful life and I'm thankful for it.  I have shelter, plenty of food and clothes, rewarding work and dreams and ambitions to keep me going!

2.  Monday was a holiday, and I love me some holidays!  I love Memorial Day and thinking back to the legacy passed down from our forefathers - both legacies of freedom, and spiritual legacies.  I wouldn't be who I am without the benefits that God, country and relatives have passed down to me.

3.  Monday was also our oldest  daughter's birthday. I was struck by the fact that once I held her in my hands and now she is an adult taller than me!  I am thankful that she is healthy, happy and pursuing her dreams!. She is faithful to God - what more could a mother ask?  I am very proud of her.

4.  Saturday, our fridge (brand new!) acted up and quit cooling.  I was tempted to become upset but remembered how many times God has worked out problems for me in the past.  Turns out because we had had a few power surges the day before, the refrigerator just needed to be "rebooted."  The helpful sales person at Sears told my hubby what to do, and we were back in business!  Just another reminder, "do not fret."  

5.  Another enjoyable week - workdays went smoothly, weather felt great.  Life is good!

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Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Good news about your fridge -- how often is there an easy fix. That's a real blessing.

I know what you mean about our children..what more could we ask? And I share your amazement that my world keeps going. It's easy to take so much for granted, but we owe so much to such a great God!

Have another great week!

Mom24 said...

That sounds like a lovely week, I'm glad your fridge problem was so easily solved.

Have a good week!

Faith said...

Yay for easy fixes to appliances!! Sounds like you had some awesome faves this past week..I hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend! your daughter is so pretty!!

Willow said...

I LOVE this post of faves. Your statement about being thankful food and shelter says it all.

I hope your next week is just the same--minus the frig episode.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your new look is very bright and summery :-) I appreciate your recalling simple provisions that bless our every day lives.

Susanne said...

A very content and happy post! Loved reading it. Happy belated birthday to your girl. She is just beautiful.