Thursday, June 28, 2012

Adults Do What They Want?

I'm a firm believer in looking for the good and enjoying whatever stage of life you happen to be in; so, the following are my ideas of the 6 best things about being an adult:

1.  Eating what you want.  When I became a homemaker, it dawned on me that I could make whatever I wanted for dinner each night!  I didn't have to go by the same menu used at home. Of course, a consequence of eating whatever I wanted meant gaining weight.

2.  I can stay up as long as I want,  I like to read something before bed every night.  If a book really grips me, it's hard for me to stop and go to sleep.  So, now I can keep reading.  If I want to read until 3 in the morning, I can do it. So what if I'm dragging the next day?

3.  I can buy what I want. As long as I can figure out how to pay for it, there is no asking if I can buy something. Of course, then I have to take care of it and make room for it and then there's the whole dwindling cash flow problem ...

4. I can go where I want. I'm as free as a bird.  As long as I have the means to get there, and as long as I'm back in time for work, I can go anywhere ...

5. I can decorate my home the way I want. As long as it fits my budget and doesn't drive my husband crazy, I can make my house look like I want it to look.  (That budget really puts a cramp in my style!)

6. I can dress the way I want. If I don't want to wear a sweater when my mom thinks it is cold, I don't have to! If I think something looks cute, if I can afford it and fit into it, I can wear it ... But then, if it looks terrible on me, I have no one to blame but me.

When I was a kid, I thought being a grown-up would mean you could do whatever you wanted.  As a responsible adult, I now realize that isn't quite the case.  There are consequences for everything you do, and sometimes the consequence isn't worth doing what you want. 

Would I go back to being a kid? No way!  I would not want to have to learn my life-lessons all over again.

Although, I do dream of the summer vacations I had as a kid ... no responsibilities and time to play!  

Perhaps retirement comes close?

I wrote this post as a response to The Writer's Workshop prompt 5.) List the 6 best things about being an adult. If you would like to participate, join Kathy at Mama's Losin' It.


SouthMainMuse said...

Looking at your list there are so many freedoms. I need to look at it that way. Now it seems I just concentrate on the responsibilities that come with being an adult.

mare ball said...

Nice reminders of the freedoms of being a grown-up. I take them for granted, I think. :-)

May said...

I find myself dreaming of retirement more and more! Maybe it will soften some of those if we read too late, we sleep longer the next morning. Ahhhhh, it can't hurt to dream!

Nicki Garcia said...

I enjoyed your list!! I wrote one too!!

Being an adult is pretty great sometimes!

Sharing love a la MamaKats!

Nicki G. The Blissful Wife

Lisa Lewis Koster said...

I notice all the items on your list are related to doing what you want, yet in each case there's a footnote of responsibility - a true sign of being an adult!