Thursday, April 26, 2012

Writer's Workshop: 10 Things I Miss

10.  When I am alone, I never have to worry about what time I need to leave to go somewhere.  I decide to go somewhere, I gather up my purse (and sometimes, one of my various tote bags) and leave. Then I come back and get my phone and leave again.  Simple.  Kids came along, and then you had to search for a missing shoe before leaving the house. Every. Single. Time.

9.  When I am alone, I never have to find my stuff.  It is just where I left it.  I don't worry about someone moving it because they thought I was done with it. Conversely, I don't have to worry about someone taking it, because they thought I "didn't want it anymore."

8.  When I am alone, I can eat whatever time I want.  If I am involved in a project, I don't have to stop when I hear someone whine "I'm hungry." 

7.  When I am alone, there is always the Sound of Music that I like.  Or not.  Sometimes, silence is music.  Always, the television would be off unless I am actually watching television. I hate using the TV for background noise.

6.  When I am alone, there is no incessant yakking.  Enough said.

5.  When I am alone, I go to bed, I sleep and the house is quiet.  There is no partying that goes on the moment my head hits the pillow.  There is no home renovations or spring cleaning.  There is no smell of popcorn.  There are no dirty dishes in the sink when I awake.  (I am the only early-bird in my family.  I am wiped out by 9:30.  At midnight, the rest of my family comes alive.  This is when they love to watch movies and eat popcorn, whip up a batch of brownies, paint the living room or clean under the china cabinet.  Both my hubby and my kids work best at night while I am gently snoring away in dreamland. ... I said "gently snoring"  ... )

4.  When I am alone, it's always my turn for the bathroom.  When nature calls, I answer it right away. No more "holding it in" until I explode.  I can take baths for as long as I want to soak without people pounding on the door, calling "M--oooo--oo--m" or the baby wiggling her fingers under the door. I don't have to walk into a bathroom that has been turned into a sauna by my teenager who loves to take hot showers whilst shaving every inch of her body.  (Sorry if that's TMI).

3.  When I am alone, there is always enough toilet paper.  And a roll of it is always on the hanger - hung  in the right direction ...

2.  When I am alone, I never hear the dreaded question, "What's for Dinner?"   I hate that question.  No matter what the answer is, someone in my picky family is not going to like it.

1.  And the number 1 thing I miss about being alone is that I never have to yell ask, "Who drank the last of the tea?"  It really gets my goat to come home anticipating pouring myself a nice glass of iced sweet tea and picking up the tea pitcher and finding it EMPTY.  Not only that, but no teabags have been put on to brew!

This was a fun exercise for me since it was a trip down memory lane. I'm actually an empty-nester now, and I would say these petty little aggravations don't happen anymore ... except my hubby still does these things ... well, except for wiggling his fingers under the door!

This post was written in response to prompt #3 "List the top 10 things you miss about being alone" at Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. If you'd like to link up, visit her at her blog.


SouthMainMuse said...

I love that never having to find your stuff. I am constantly searching for pens, the stapler...scissors. Makes me crazy.

Aimee said...

"What are we having for dinner?" has to be one of the worst sentences in the English language! For me, it's not due to pickiness - our kids eat whatever - but because I simply do NOT like cooking. Yet, the whole family wants to eat every. single. day.

What's up with that???

Wombat Central said...

I honestly don't know why my kids even ask what's for dinner. They don't like it most nights anyway, and they often end up getting something different.

Love the image of hubby now wiggling his fingers under the door!

MJ said...

I'm currently in the search-for-shoes-and-anything-else-before-leaving-the-house phase... I have to say, the rare occasion that I head out somewhere alone, I RELISH the lack of chaos. Empty-nesting is a long way off here...

Karen said...

I can relate to each of these things very well...although to be honest...after the kids are grown and gone, I miss these small "aggravations" (sometimes)...because so much love and joy came right along with them....