Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday's Fave Five 04.13.12

I'm back!  Did you miss me?  I was unable to participate in last week's Friday's Fave Five. I was in the Natural State, beautiful Arkansas!

1. We took the opportunity to visit Jim's brother during the Easter holiday.  Spending time with family is always a highlight.

Jim's brother, Carl.

Our niece, Charity.

Sister-in-law, Mary

Computing must run in the family!

Carl is also daddy to Chance, the OCD poodle! Chance was cold so he went and found his sweater and brought it to Carl to put on him.  Pretty smart thinking!

2.  As we always do on road trips, we had to bring out our camera and get some photos of the local scenery. Star City Arkansas has a beautiful little town square:

Town gazebo

Since this was a Southern town, there was a statue honoring Confederate soldiers.

Gorgeous Clock Tower - this park was immaculate!

The requisite War Memorial

The names of the native sons who gave their lives during World War 1

World War 2  Heroes

Korea and Viet Nam War Heroes

3. Then it was on to another one of my favorite things to do - go to the lake.  I just love being around bodies of water! We went to Cane Creek State Park, and saw this curious lake - beautiful but with a mass of dead looking sticks in the middle.  (I assume the sticks were cane!)

It was a gorgeous day with beautiful azure skies and white cottony looking clouds.

4.  All good times must come to an end, so it seems, so we headed back home arriving in time for Easter.  Here is our traditional Easter dinner - ham with hawaiian bread, baked beans, au gratin potatoes and deviled eggs.  Of course, there were plenty of dyed Easter Eggs, jelly beans and Easter candy as well.

5.  We sat down to a table decorated with my newest treasure, Blue Willow plates!  I've been wanting these forever, and my hubby surprised me by giving me permission to get them when we found them in Arkansas.

Oh no!  I just realized the plate was turned sideways in this picture!  Oh well, I'm sure I will share photos of them again in some future tablescape.

And that wraps up Jerralea's week(s) for now.

How was your week?  Would like to link up at Susanne's Living to Tell the Story and share?


Brenda said...

Your pictures make everything look so homey! Sounds like you had a great time.

Marg said...

Traveling and being on water are two of my favorite things...but for now I'll be home bound with planning for a wedding.
I love blue...I have stone ware with those same blue colors.
Most beautiful photos.

Karen said...

I LOVE the Blue Willow plates...and the "dueling" laptop picture was cute!

Susanne said...

Your getaway looks beautiful. The weather looks like it gave you a wonderful week to get into nature and enjoy it.

The Easter dinner sounds delicious. What is Hawaiian bread? And I'm loving the blue willow plates!

Willow said...

Blue Willow dishes--I have a collection of them and use them occasionally. Even the teapot is Blue Willow :)

Your Easter visit to AR sounds like a great time. Beautiful too.

Anonymous said...

Your visit sounded really nice, Jerri -- family time and beautiful views. Good combo! I'm impressed with that smart dog and that he actually LIKED having a sweater on! Enjoy your new dishes and your week.

Karyn said...

Your photos make me long for a road trip! Looks like a good time.

Nice plates.....where do you store all your variety of dinnerware?