Monday, April 16, 2012



Outside my window
...overcast skies and 57°

I am thinking
... of how well our Singspiration went at our church this past Sunday.  We had a good attendance and people really worshiped during the music.  I'm also thankful for the song, "For the Life of Me," that Florence and I sang as a duet went okay.  I was worried because we did not have too much time to practice it.

I am thankful...for the gift of enthusiasm.  I am glad God made me an enthusiastic person.  Life is awesome, thrilling, sometimes scary, but should never be hum-drum. We are only here for a short time - make the most of it!

In the kitchen...broiled pork steak

I am tank dress, turquoise shrug.

I am looking forward to... our next road trip.  I love going to see the scenery that God made.

I am learning ... to wait on things ...

Around the house... we are thinking of replacing our flood-damaged hibiscus bush with a knock-out rose bush.  I'm excited to think I may have lots of roses to use in bouquets in the near future.  In our area, knock-out roses seem to do really well and bloom continually up until frost.

I am pondering...the brevity of life.  A church member just called announcing the death of her husband.  She is the same age as I am.  It's sad to think that already she is a widow.  How quickly life passes for some!  It's just another reminder of how all of us need to be ready to face eternity.

A favorite quote for today...

It isn’t that technology is bad or even that we’re sinful, fallen people. It’s the serpentine forces from the Garden, always seducing to other worlds, worlds that seem better than ours. It’s always the war of the worlds. Virtual reality may seemingly offer the holy grail, but it’s our physical reality that is the holy ground.
… AnnVoskamp, Holy Experience, sharing at (Go here if you want to read the whole post.)

It's so true, we always think someone else's life appears better than ours.  We don't trust God that He has us exactly where He wants us and where we will be the most effective.

One of my favorite things...color!  I am noticing since Spring has arrived how much I enjoy color.  When the trees are dead looking brown sticks, it is so depressing.  As soon as they don leaves (or even better, blooms) I feel happier looking at them.  I seem to be always searching for blooming flowers and appreciating their beauty.  I also enjoy the beautiful blue skies of spring and the sunlight that seems so much more prevalent this time of year.  God made such a beautiful world and I'm so thankful for it.

A few plans for the rest of the week: board meeting, hair salon visit, hopefully some organizing this weekend.

A peek into my day...Work, then walking the track with my hubby, dinner, dishes, then relaxing - or maybe working on board meeting stuff.

Love this photo of a butterfly, just "hanging around."  This was taken at Cane Creek State Park in Arkansas.

The daybook is a concept created by Peggy Hostetler.  Check it out at The Simple Woman's Daybook.


Theresa said...

Spring seems to put a pep in my step. I love the different colors of Spring too.
Have a great week.

Collette said...

Knockout roses grow beautifully in my area, too - sounds like a lovely choice.
I enjoyed what you wrote about making the most of our days...that was very encouraging!
It's nice to meet you! Have a blessed day :)

Melanie said...

I love roses. I've had one rose bush in the past that actually lived to produce blooms but eventually it died. I've not heard of knockout roses. I'll have to google that!

Anonymous said...

I love this type of post. Thank you for sharing various aspects of your life with us and many blessings.

Anonymous said...

I love this type of post. Thank you for sharing various aspects of your life with us and many blessings.

Anonymous said...

I love this type of post. Thank you for sharing various aspects of your life with us and many blessings.

Karyn said...

We've still a few weeks to go until the trees are more than dead looking sticks, but the grass is turning green and the air has been real warm once in awhile. :)

Good quote on thechnology/virtual reality.

Terrific photo!