Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Declare, Describe, Depend

I am a great lover of the Psalms.  In fact, I have started a series of teaching through the Psalms at my church on Wednesday nights.  Since I only teach once a month, I have figured out that it will take me about 14 years to cover them all!  (Well, less than 14 since I have already taught 10 of them.)

David is one of my heroes.  I love that he is a man after God's own heart, yet he is so very human, and the Word does not neglect telling us about his shortcomings.  This gives me hope, because if David can do an epic fail and still be close to God, so can I.

Something I've noticed about David and the psalms that he wrote.  He was not afraid to express his feelings!  He told God whenever he saw something that bothered him.

David's psalms pretty much follow a formula.  He first declares the problem.  Then he will go on to describe just exactly what bothers him.  He's pretty detailed about it, actually.  

What I love most, though, is that David always ends his psalms by trusting God.  He comes to depend on what he knows about God. He remembers the times before when God delivered him.  He recalls the nature and characteristics of God.  Once he has encouraged himself with these reminders, he then relies on that knowledge for the future.

Everything will end up all right.

Declare, describe, then depend on what you know about God.

May I also suggest that in order for us to depend on what we know about God, we need to be in regular fellowship with His children?  It is so easy for us to forget the nature of God!  We need each other to testify of God's goodness, to remind us of the teachings of the Word and to lift each other up. There is a reason that the Word tells us to not forsake the assembling of ourselves together.

Humans are forgetful.  It's been said that we can look in a mirror and see ourselves and then go our way and forget what we look like.  We need the preaching and the studying of the Word which cuts deep into our soul and shows us what we look like.  It also shows us what God looks like, what He will do, and how much He loves, defends and chastens His children when they need it.

So, the next time trouble comes your way, go to God and declare it.  Describe to Him just exactly how you feel about everything.  Then, wait, depending on everything you know about God.

He is trustworthy!  You can depend on Him.

I'm writing in community with Jennifer, Shanda, and Michelle.


Emily said...

I so agree about your words on fellowship! I think people think they can walk the Christian walk alone, and I suppose it's possible, but so often we need people who will love us through those hard places and remind us of God's truth when we have a hard time remembering it.
Visiting today from Getting Down With Jesus :)

Shanda said...

David's writings and his honesty in his feelings encourage me more than any other writer in the Bible. It also shows God's incredible grace and faithfulness.

Denise said...

I totally agree.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful lesson from the Psalms and David. I too love the Psalms, they can be so encouraging. Thank you for sharing! -Nicole @ Working Kansas Homemaker

Anonymous said...

Thank you for blessing me with your post!

Also, thank you for commenting on my blog @

Jennifer @ said...

I love David's honesty. His words in the Psalm remind me that I have permission to get honest with God about whatever is on my heart.

Thanks for linking your wise words with Getting Down With Jesus. You're a blessing!

Anonymous said...

Great post and teaching on the three "D's" Thank you so much for these encouraging words.