Monday, February 20, 2012

Daybook - 02.20.12


Outside my window...sunny and frosty

I am thinking... of my to-do list

I am thankful...that my van sits under a carport and I don't have to scrape ice in the mornings!

In the kitchen...chicken dressing casserole, peas and salad for tonight's dinner

I am pants, animal print top with purple cardi and black boots

I am creating... blog posts (always)

I am get my nails done today, which is good because I lost a nail this weekend.

I am wondering...why we have to hit bottom before we reach out to God?

I am reading...CANARY ISLAND SONG by Robin Jones Gunn

I am see answers to prayers soon

I am looking forward night this Friday!

I am much I need to write everything down to aid my memory!

Around the house...tulips in the kitchen and I'm going to take down my two remaining winter decorations.

I am pondering...the fact that our God is a God of details.  He makes the monarch butterflies and the birds to migrate every season. He even calls back the salmon to spawn right where they themselves started out in their journey.  If He can orchestrate those kinds of things, why not believe He can arrange every detail of your life to work out for your good? We are worth much more than wildlife to Him!

A favorite quote for today... "Protect your heart from discouragement. Open the Bible. Claim His promises. And that old desperado named discouragement will be driven away." David Jeremiah

One of my favorite things... Special K strawberry fruit crisps

A few plans for the rest of the week: no evening meetings this week, and date night Friday.

A peek into my day...

I'm reminding myself that JOY is my word for 2012!

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Karen Greenberg said...

That scraping ice would do me in! I am so used to getting in my car and going! When I visited a place with snow and realized that some people have to spend an hour just to get out of their driveways in the morning I realized how much I love Arizona!

Kim said...

Jerralea, I do words for the year too! Mine for 2012 is contentment. I enjoyed reading you daybook today. The tulips in your kitchen make me think spring. Enjoy your week.

Theresa said...

Scraping ice is not fun! However I am hoping for a snow storm here before Spring comes ;)

Laura said...

I think we hit rock bottom so that we can appreciate the view on the climb back up to the top. :)

Karen said...

I always enjoy reading and writing Daybooks. Such a great idea.

I especially like your "ponderings" for today.

Reecea said...

Really like your post. Have you tried the Chocolate Special K Cereal yet? It is like having cookies and milk for breakfast, no kidding.

Anonymous said...

Like the JOY.