Friday, January 6, 2012

First Friday Fave Five in 2012

 2012 seems to be like all the other years - time goes by really quickly.  The first week of 2012 is almost over!

As always, I like to reflect on the highlights of the past week on Fridays.  I join a great group of bloggers at Susanne's Living to Tell the Story to do just that.

1.  Putting up the Christmas decor:   I hate to say it, but I'm always ready to put up all the Christmas decorations as soon as the new year is here.  After a month, it just feels overwhelming to me.  In the past few years, I've had poinsettias as part of the Christmas decor.  This year, I just had two small white ones.  I decided to give them a new look by putting them together in a cheery yellow bucket:

I decided they would look great in my kitchen, next to my island.  Have I said how much I love my island?

2.  My last day off for awhile was Monday. I thoroughly enjoyed it as I declared it another work-free, jammie-clad day.  While lounging in our living room, my hubby noticed a huge amount of birds were in out yard.  I ran for the camera and managed to shoot this photo as they all rose up at once to fly away:

Of course, the movie, "The Birds"  came to mind!

3.  On Thursday, we met our kids at a small Mexican restaurant.  They are in town to attend a wedding on Daniel's side of the family. Seeing my kids and eating out = love!

My favorite young married couple!

4.  Quote of the week:

If it matters, you make the time.
If it doesn’t, you make excuses”
… Ann Voskamp

I saw this in one of Ann's blog posts this week.  I really love reading her blog.  She definitely always presents a challenge!

5.  I've had a good week at work and accomplished some goals.  However, there is still plenty to be done, so I'm reveling in the fact that they need me here!

How did your week go?  Link up at Susanne's and tell us!


barbarah said...

The poinsettias do look nice in the bucket! I'm always a little sad to put away Christmas lights, especially, but it is nice to get the house back to a "cleaner" look.

Wow, that's a lotta birds! That movie would come to mind for me as well.

Love eating out and eating with the kids.

BTW, wanted to let you know your link on Mr. Linky at Susanne's goes to a "page not found" page.

ellen b. said...

Hi Jerri! Happy New Year to you and yours. Those birds really are something else. I can see why you thought of "The Birds"
That's a win win meeting up with your kids and having Mexican food too! Glad you are needed at work...

Annette W. said...

We get birds like that too!

I loved reading about your friend Greg in the other post.

Brenda said...

That was a lot of birds! How fun that you were able to snap a picture.

I love it too when I can meet up with my kids for dinner or coffee somewhere, but I love it more when they come to my house!

Marg said...

Nice to come back and visit. I really missed this group over the past year. You know how it is...sometimes you need to ask what makes one tick...and I loved your quote of the day...did you read her book? 1000 gifts?

Susanne said...

Wow, that certainly was a lot of birds all in the same place.

I'm like you, by New Year's I'm getting overwhelmed by the Christmas decor. It always feels fresh to have it all packed away. Love how you redid the white pointsettas.

Yay for getting the chance to see your daughter and sil and getting to eat out.

Willow said...

I much prefer the white poinsettias and they look great in the yellow bucket by the beloved island :)
It's great to spend time anywhere with your kids; I'm glad you were able to catch a meal with them too.