Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday's Fave Five 161

Hello, you special person!  (If you read my blog, I consider you special!)  It's been a glorious week here in the heartland of America.  Let's get right to sharing some of the gifts God has given this week:

1.  Splendid beautiful fall nature scenes:  On Saturday, my wonderful hubby and I took a drive to a nearby park and photographed some of the marvelous outdoors.

You know I have to show a "path" picture.

or two ...

Look at those gorgeous orange leaves!

2.  Next, I just had a really good work week.  You know, the kind where everyday seems to pass smoothly. It was interesting and busy but no problems.  Love weeks like those!

3.  Monthly visit to hair salon:  It's a blessing when you have someone who does your hair just the way you want it.  And she is a great hair stylist.  I'm so glad I found her.  Thanks, Terri, for all you do.

4.  Quote of the Week:  I saw this in David Jeremiah's Turning Point Devotional this week:

"Many Christians expect the world to respect the book they neglect."
Quoted by E.C. McKenzie
So true ... and so sad to see biblical ignorance in God's people.

5.  A great article that I saw at - "26 Words That Can Change Your Life."  Go read it - I guarantee you'll get something out of it.

If you'd like to share 5 highlights out of your week, join our lovely hostess, Susanne, at Living To Tell The Story, and link up.


Carrie said...

That is a very good quote! And sadly very true.

Sounds like you are living up autumn! LOVE the trail pictures.

Have a great weekend!

Karyn said...

I was hoping you'd post your photos from your outing with Jim. They are gorgeous! I've been in your neck of the woods at this time of the year - unbelievably beautiful.

Great quote! Makes ya think.

ellen b. said...

So glad you had a smooth week. Love the autumn photos and the path shot! Hope you have a smooth lovely weekend.

Lisa notes... said...

It's nice to be told I'm special. :-) Thanks. Love your pictures. Glad you had such a great work week. It is a blessing when you find a hair stylist you love! Hang on to her.

Heading over to read 26 Words... Thanks for the link!

Faith said...

That quote is great. I"m gonna steal it for my facebook status!!!!!!!

And those don't think you live in NYS, at least not in the capital region..we are not quite at peak yet and your pics are showing peak colors! fact, today was downright like july: a thunderstorm, then hot and sunny with high was odd. I'm actually ready for cooler temps like the 71 we had minus the rain and humidity :) enjoy your weekend

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful time of year! You got some great photos.

Glad the work week when well and you were able to get your hair done. I've been needing to get mine cut.

Glad for a great work week, too!

Willow said...

Beautiful photos! I'd love to walk there too!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the article so much I tweeted it. Thanks for sharing.

A good haircut is a treat and to find a hairdresser that can do this month after month is a true blessing.

Brenda said...

Love your beautiful fall pictures! That quote hurts a tiny bit, maybe because it has a little truth in in. . . .

Susanne said...

Well you know I love the Path pictures! And that article was really good. Thanks for sharing that! Yay for smooth work weeks. Those are definitely a blessing.

Shan said...

Look at the beautiful service you are doing through this lovely blog. I am enjoying your photos and the speaking of God's gifts to us all. Thank you again for bringing some of this love to my blog as well. It is much appreciated. Hugs!

Anonymous said...
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