Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday's Fave Five #160

Hey y'all!  (I'm from the South and that's the standard greeting in Darby, Florida.)  I hope you had a great week.

I link up with a group of awesome ladies on Fridays and we share the five highlights of our week.  There are always highlights to be found if you are determined to find them.  If you'd like to join us, visit Susanne at Living To Tell The Story and link up!

1.  I found the perfect rug to match my beloved zebra pillows this week:

See?  Animal print, but not so much as to be overwhelming!

2.  My awesome fantastic hubby painted our new door burgundy this week:

Burgundy shutters are in the plans.  Maybe next week ...

3.  Ever since the flood, our furnace did not want to work.  Of course, we haven't needed it, but now that fall has come, we knew we needed to get it fixed.  We had a repairman come out and put a new gas valve on it, but he seemed really frustrated and it only worked one time while he was there.  We didn't really want to call him back.  We called another repairman who suggested our furnace might be too old to be worth fixing.  After much prayer, my husband called the first repairman back and he fixed it within 5 minutes! And didn't charge us!

4.  On Thursday, I read the devotional from Turning Point by David Jeremiah and I really loved what he said:

"We're in a battle, and our enemy is on the attack. We need to resist him. Satan can't stand the hymns of the faith, so sing. He can't overcome the prayers of the saints, so pray. He can't defeat the Lord Jesus Christ, so claim the power of the Blood. He can't overthrow the truth, so quote the Scriptures. He can't vanquish the joy of the Lord, so rejoice. He can't divert God's grace, so use the shield of faith. We must use the weapons God has given us. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you."

I'm so thankful for the weapons He has given us - and it's not hard to use them.  Sing, pray, claim, quote, rejoice, use your faith.  He has given us a voice, so let us use it!

5. I'm loving these beautiful fall days!  The hubs and I have planned to go out Saturday and enjoy the fall beauty.  Hope you have an opportunity to do the same.


ellen b. said...

Love the front door and your rug! What fun to add some pop and zing!
Our pastor is starting a series on Spiritual warfare this Sunday that I'm looking forward to. Have a great weekend Jerri!

Karen said...

Great rug!

Your front porch is so welcoming and inviting. Love the door color.

Lisa notes... said...

Love your rug. And your door looks wonderful. Mine needs re-painting soon, but I won't hold my breath. ha.

Love the David Jeremiah quote. Yes, so thankful for all our weapons!

Carrie said...

I would say that that rug goes with your couch pillows very well. It's always nice to find something that compliments already existing items in the home!

Hope you have a fantastic (fall!) weekend!

songbyrd on the mountain said...

loving the rug!! and the door. and the link up looks inviting.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Love your furnace story --- what a blessing! And that burgundy door. I've been after my husband to do that. Have a great week ahead!

Susanne said...

Your #4 was very encouraging. Thanks for sharing that in your fave five!

Your front door looks great that color. And what a find on the rug. Yay for the furnace repair man that fixed it and didn't charge for the second visit. Those are always a blessing!

Karyn said...

Great rug! And a burgandy door? Perfect!

I'll be looking for photos from your Saturday outing!

Susan Wright said...

A burgundy door and animal print rug have made some lovely visual additions to your home.I'd like to come visit and sit for a spell. Burgundy on the shutters would also be a great addition.

Isn't it something when 5 minutes is all it takes? So glad to hear that your furnace is finally working. Praying that it stays that way.

Thanks for the reminder of what Satan can't bear and what we can do to overthrow him. I am putting that quote on my desk.

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