Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday's Fave Five #157

Oh my!  Just like that, it's Friday already!  Today is a busy day, no time to load any pictures, but I want to take 5 minutes to jot down 5 highlights this week for which I am thankful.

1.  Sunday, we had a wonderful time of praise and worship in both services.  Experiencing the presence of the Lord is such an awesome thing - it is definitely one of my favorite times.

2.  I ordered a skirt online and it actually fit!  I'm always leery of online shopping but I guess if you buy a brand you're used to buying the fit might work out.

3.  You knew I was going to say it:  cooler weather is definitely a favorite and this week was great.  I actually can use some of my cardigans and shrugs now!  Yay!

4.  I've been listening to my favorite praise and worship music this week, Terry MacAlmon's Live Worship.  To me, it is simply the best praise CD ever!

5.  This might sound crazy, but I'm thankful for all the work I have right now.  It's been a busy week filled with projects and meetings for both churches along with all the things I do as wife, mother, homemaker, music leader, board member and so on and so on ....  It's great to feel needed and God has given me a renewed sense of purpose.

Also, as a bonus, let me share a great portion of scripture for you to look up:  Titus 2:11-15 and Titus 3:1-8.  Good stuff!  It's really got me motivated ...

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Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Cooler weather sounds SO nice. I don't think ours is really cooler...I think it's just tricking us into thinking that with less humidity. But I'll take that until I can get the cool weather.

A renewed sense of purpose sounds like a real praise! Have a great week.

ellen b. said...

How refreshing to hear you are enjoying all that work! Glad you have cooler weather, too. I always have more energy with cooler temps!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Karyn said...

I'd gladly send you some of our cooler weather! Want it? :)

I am also hesitant to order clothing online - what looks good on the hanger doesn't always look good on the person, after all.

Glad you have so many projects to keep you happy and busy!

Susanne said...

I've never ordered clothes online. Yay for your skirt fitting and no returns for you!

It is wonderful to feel needed.

Jane said...

#5 was encouraging. I am super busy right now, between homeschooling and work. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, I should be thankful for the full life God has blessed me with. Thanks for the encouragement!

Jane at
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