Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday's Fave Five #150

Welcome to Friday's Fave 5, a blog party that celebrates finding five highlights in our week and sharing them. It's sort of like an online testimony service! 

I've had a good week, and I'd like to share a few of the bright spots in my world:

1.  We now have internet back into our home!  As most of you know, we had to move out of our house when a major flood in May impacted our area.  It's been three months of rebuilding and getting things back to normal.  Our internet service was the last thing to be restored, and we are so glad to have it back.  Now I can blog whenever I want!

2.  I love my new kitchen! One of my favorite rooms that we have redone is my kitchen.  A good blogger always shows you the "before" photos.  I did forget to take a photo before any work had been done, but here is a photo with half the sheetrock torn out:

 This photo does show my new paint color for the kitchen, Valspar's "Baked Bahama.

 Now, I'd like to show you my new countertop, handmade using Wilsonart Laminate, "Black Canyon" and fitting perfectly - Thank You, Raymond!

Next, my new DEEP stainless steel sink.  (My old sink was so shallow!)

This photo shows my new range hood. Picture an ugly harvest gold one for the "before" photo!

Next, a shot of my glorious tileboard that is behind the fridge and between cabinets.  LOVE.

New laminate flooring:

This photo shows it all put together - including my new Bosch dishwasher.

I wish the soffit area showed up better in this photo.  My daughter "bag painted" it in shades of "Misty Morning Dew" and "Baked Bahama" on Sherwin Williams "Creamy."

Another view of the kitchen.

Here is a pic I took of the entrance wall into the kitchen displaying some of my beloved dishes!

3.  New nails:  Isn't it funny how having your hair or nails done just makes you feel so much better about yourself?  I had a new set of nails put on this week. I'm back to my beloved white tips after trying painted nails. 

4. Cooler weather - the last few days have been in the lower 90s instead of 100 degree days!

5. Quote of the Week:  "You don't get to choose how you're going to die, or when. You can only decide how you're going to live."  … from the blog of “bcp … My Life”

This quote certainly made me think ... you don't have control of how long your life lasts but you can certainly choose HOW you're going to live your life.  I choose to live it victoriously through Christ and enjoying every minute I can! I'm not going to worry so much anymore, God has proven time and time again that He is in control and He will take care of me.

If you'd like to join in and share your blessings, link up at Susanne's blog, Living to Tell the Story.



  1. That quote is a good one to ponder for sure! Hi Jerri! So glad you have a new beautiful kitchen and that you finally are connected to the world again :0)
    Glad the weather has cooled to the 90's for you, too. Yikes I'm not good in the 80's. Have a great weekend enjoying your new kitchen...

  2. It is a choice, isn't it? I wrote a post a week or so ago called "We Choose." I agree!

    Love that pain color, and your new kitchen is just lovely. (Color me green with envy.) Thanks for showing us -- I loved it! Glad things are returning to normal for you. Take care.

  3. Oh my the kitchen! What fun.....and I bet you are so thrilled to be back in your own house and have internet. There is no place like home!!

  4. What a beautiful kitchen. How nice it must be to cook and work and share with your family!

  5. I'm so sorry for the flood, but wow, what a beautiful kitchen!

    And I am so spoiled with Internet access, I'd be pretty frustrated without it. Glad you got yours back!

  6. I love the love of white tipped nails. So elegant looking. Glad you are able to do something for yourself, Jerralea.

    Thanks for doing a photo shoot of your kitchen. Quite "photogenic." lol. And it looks like the perfect place to cook.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Love, love, love the floor in your kitchen. So nice! The paint color looks lovely with everything and I think you and I have the same dishwasher.

    Great quote to think on!

  8. I think you really really like your new kitchen! It's beautiful. I'm glad your weather has 'cooled' off--even 80s is highf for my comfort level.

  9. I think the countertop made the whole kitchen area lively. It's a great contrast to your wooden furniture! The kitchen sink matched well with the counter too. Stainless steel is absolutely a good combination with black accents.

    Robbie Marinero @ TNT Tile & Marble Inc


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