Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Memorial Day

It's been awhile since I've participated in Thankful Thursday, but I felt since God has blessed me so much through this time of trial, I would be amiss without stopping to give thanks.

This month's Thankful Thursday hostess is Laurie at Women Taking a Stand.  She did an excellent job of reminding us to be thankful for those who have sacrificed for us, both for our national freedoms and for our spiritual freedoms.  Please take a moment to go read Laurie's thoughts, you'll be glad you did.

Since she already mentioned those making sacrifices for freedom, I thought I would go a different direction.  I want to remember the times the Lord delivered us and make that a memorial.

As a memorial, I use pictures to remind myself of God's goodness. This is a picture of my Dad after he accepted the Lord as His savior, a prayer that I had prayed my whole life as a child and was answered when I was 17.

Then I prayed for God's will in finding a husband.  When I was 20, I moved to the midwest and married my sweetie.  We've been together ever since!

The next big thing I prayed for deliverance in my life was infertility.  My husband and I believed the Lord for children for ten years.  Now we have three:

Janae and Malia

And now, I even have a son-in-law:

Daniel and Janae
As the years went by, I found that I needed a job but I wanted a job doing something meaningful. God led me into being a church secretary, first at a wonderful church, later into working for a second church. Over the years, I see now that this is the perfect career for me, and it exactly uses the gifts God has given me.  Here I am holding my certification diploma:

These pictures help me remember how God has blessed.  Now I'm a flood survivor. (not a victim as I previously stated.  Thanks, Lisa, for that gentle reminder!)  I do have much to be thankful for, such as no one was hurt during the flood, we were able to save all our clothes, most of our pictures, and a lot of household furnishings. Even though the house needs so much remodeling inside, we are thankful to have the basic frame of the house to build upon.  Those that have went through the tornadoes have nothing to start over with, some even lost family members.  I cannot complain a bit!

Later on, I will post pictures of the remodeled rooms so that I may remember how once again, God delivered me.

God is good, all the time!

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LISA said...

You are an encourager. Thank you for posting things that encourage me. I pray you have a blessed weekend as you celebrate graduation.

Karen said...

You have a beautiful family...and I love your smile! That picture and caption of your dad is precious...

I didn't know about all you were going through lately with your home...thankful everyone was safe, but sorry for all the loss and then the work involved in rebuilding...

You will be in my prayers...