Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday's Fave Five #109

It's a gorgeous fall day here in the heartland of America.  I think back over my week and recall wonderful days filled with cool weather and beautiful fall colors.  Here are the highlights from Jerralea's week:

1. Last Saturday, I happened to run across the perfect kitchen curtains to go with my bright yellow walls.  My darling hubby hung them up along with new mini blinds.  The next day it was amazing how much lighter it was when the light came streaming in the windows!  I love light.  A bright kitchen just makes me happy and ALMOST makes me want to cook!

2. Also, on Saturday, I was out in the back yard hanging up clothes on a new clothes line. (Our dryer had went kaput and we were waiting on our new dryer to come in.) There's something so Suzy Homemaker about hanging clothes on the line. It's a chore I actually love to do, it's just hard to fit in the time it takes when I'm working two jobs. This day was a perfect day for drying clothes, sunny and breezy. Harvey, our cat, was enjoying my being outside with him. He kept trying to climb into my laundry basket, though. Here is a picture I took of him climbing a tree while I was out there:

3.  One day this week, there was nothing interesting to take in my lunch.  I remembered seeing that Dairy Queen was having a sale on their chicken strip basket.  I drove over to get into their drive-thru lane and while waiting I saw these beautiful flowers:

What gorgeous petunias!

4.  This scripture caught my attention this week:  "Every path He guides us on is fragrant with His loving-kindness and His truth"  Psalm 25:10 TLB  You know how I feel about paths!

5.  Last night, my new dryer came in.  We went to pick it up when I got off work.  It's a beauty and I'm thankful to have it! Modern technology is great - when it works! (I'm kind of bummed that so many of our appliances had to be replaced this year, but I guess we won't have any mechanical failures for a good long time.)

If you'd like to share about your favorites this week, please link up with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story. I'm late linking up today, but please go visit everyone, you'll be glad you did!


Heather said...

My MIL still hangs her clothes out. My husband likes them best that way,but we aren't able to do that right now. What a cute cat!

Last year a lot of our appliances had to be replaced. Blessings to you!

hip-chick said...

I love clothes hanging out on the line! And, I love dairy queen.

ellen b said...

I love to see clothes hanging out on lines! I had to hang lots of cloth diapers back when I was young from my 4 younger siblings...I wasn't to pleased to do that then :0)
Yippee for your new dryer! Nice bonus to see those lovely flowers at the Dairy Queen!

Brenda said...

Now you won't get to hang your clothes out on the line! But congrats on the new dryer. I love the pic of the cat n the tree.

Laura said...

What a great Harvey picture! I can't even remember the last time I hung clothes out, but I love that scent.

Love that verse -- thanks for sharing it.

Susanne said...

What is it with appliances breaking down in groups? It's like they hold a big meeting or something and discuss how they will all give it up one after the other. LOL. Glad you got your dryer replaced. Enjoy it's new modern-ness. BTW, one of my favorite memories of my childhood is my mom hanging stuff on the line and how good it smelled for days after it was brought inside.

Your cat is adorable.

Your dairy looks a lot nicer than our here, that's for sure.

Melli said...

Jerri... I'm disappointed. NO picture of the pretty curtains in the bright yellow kitchen? My kitchen is bright yellow too. BRIGHT yellow!

I used to LOVE hanging clothes out on the line on a crisp fall day or a breezy spring day... I do miss our clothes line. Our clothes line tree got taken out in a hurricane. :(

It seems like appliances always go in groups like that. We've had several spells in the 23 years we've had this house.

Mary said...

Beautiful flowers at the DQ: guess it was meant for you to get lunch from there that day!
Love the smell of sheets that have been hanging out! I haven't done that in a long, long time!

Willow said...

Oh I love your kitty! So cute!

Isnt' it great to be able to hang clothes outside? I can't do that where I live due to HOA rules and I miss it. But on the other hand, a new dryer is a wonderful appliance to own.

Have a great week!