Thursday, September 9, 2010

Random Dozen, Don't Belabor It!

1.Describe the best sandwich in the world, according to you.
Right now, my favorite sandwich is Subways Italian BMT on monterey cheddar bread, toasted, with provolone, light mayo, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber slices... Now, I'm hungry.

2. Which inspires you more: a good conversation, a song, a book or movie?
I have found inspiration in all of those things; however, I find a book to be more inspirational.  There's just something that sticks with you when you see the words in print.

3. What is your favorite board game?
Scrabble.  I come from a family of scrabblers. (Well... some of them are scrabblers.  The others don't have the patience for it.)

4. As you grow older, are you more or less patient with small children?
I'm not around any right now to know if I'm more patient.  Actually, I've always been patient with small children.  It's teenagers that are harder to deal with, in my opinion!

5. Name one item you never let yourself run out of.
Actually, there are 3 absolute must haves at my house: teabags and sugar because we must have sweet tea at all times, and toilet paper because ... well, just because.

6. Do you agree with Tennyson's assertion, "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?"
I do agree.  If you've never loved someone (doesn't necessarily have to be romantic love), then you've never gotten out of your "self-centered" mode. The hurts you may encounter as you love are what make you a better and stronger person.

7. Name one national treasure or monument that you have visited.
National treasure ... I've visited state parks and historical sites, but I don't guess I've ever visited a national one!  I have to do something about that!

8. Which is more painful, to be disappointed in someone else or to be disappointed in yourself?
Oh, it's definitely more painful to be disappointed with me!  I have such high hopes for me ... it really bums me when I mess up.

9. What makes your kitchen uniquely yours?
My blog readers know that my dish collection makes my kitchen unique... my many many dishes ...

10. Are you a crafty person?
I used to do crafts when I was a stay-at-home mom.  Now it is very rare when I have time to make something.  It makes me sad that I don't craft anymore ...

11. What is your favorite traditional picnic or bbq (cookout) food?
Recently, I have been using Mary's recipe for BBQ chicken from Deep South Dish.  I have to say that I've been making this everytime we cookout!

12. Name one leisurely activity you enjoyed over Labor Day Weekend.
My hubby and I went for a drive and explored some country roads, a park, and took some photos of old barns.  We ended the drive with a visit to Dairy Queen where I partook of one of my favorite things:  a Georgia Mud Fudge blizzard.

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Oh and your husband love to go for drives too. Me too. I loved your answers...and I love Scrabble too...I come from a long line of scrabblers. I love word games. I want to know more about your dish I became a follower.

Susanne said...

Oooo, we don't have Georgia Mud Fudge blizzards here. Sounds very good though. My fave is Skor or Chocolate Chunk Cherry.

I love going for drives and takin pictures.

Debby said...

I went with Scrabble and T.P. too! Yes you should try to see a National Monument someday.

Karen said...

I can relate to so many of your answers...especially that teenagers are harder to deal with than small children!

Irritable Mother said...

Oh, friend. I'm with you on the teenager thing. And my troublesome one is still a few months away from officially being one! *sigh*

ruthhill74 said...

I forgot about scrabble. It's been years since I played that!

I'm your new follower, by the way. Thanks for stopping by!