Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday's Fave Five #75

I'm back!  I missed being a part of Susanne's Friday's Fave Five for several weeks now due to life creeping in and taking up all my spare time!  Once again, I'm joining my friends as we reflect on five favorite things that happened in our week.

1.  Time Off:  One of the highlights this week is that as I am recuperating from a severe upper respiratory infection, I have earned time off to cover the days I miss at work.  What a blessing this benefit is!

2. The Winter Olympics:  Even though I am not a sports person at all, whenever the Olympics are on, I must watch every bit of television coverage.  I love the stories of the athletes!  I love when my country's team wins a medal! I'm just an Olympics junkie!

3.  New computer:  The last few weeks at work have been a struggle with a 7 year old computer that was about to bite the dust.  A new computer was ordered and installed this week.  Oh, the difference! I click on something and it comes up RIGHT AWAY.

4.  Winning a Giveaway:  This week, I received in the mail my most recent winning at a blogger's giveaway. The prize was "The Red Plate." The Red Plate is used in celebrating special days.  You serve the guest of honor their meal on the Red Plate.  Is it your birthday? You get to eat your meal on the Red Plate!  Did you get an A on your final exam? Dinner on the Red Plate! Thanks to Kristen at We are THAT Family for hosting this giveaway.

5. My Favorite Chair:  While I've been watching the Olympics and healing from my recent illness, I've been resting in my favorite chair.  It's so comfy!  Even better, I found it this year at a yard sale for $15!!!  Gotta love a bargain that feels and looks good!

Would you like to share the highlights from your week?  Join Suzanne from Living to Tell the Story.


Lisa notes... said...

Glad you’re back, and hope you’ll feel even better soon.
I love watching the Olympics, too, especially the backstories. Have fun with your new computer. It does make a difference!

Susanne said...

Glad you're back and that you are feeling better!

I'm a bit of an Olympic junkie too I have to admit, but more so with the Winter Olympics than the Summer. I'm driving my family a wee bit crazy. LOL.

The red plate is such an awesome idea! congrats on your win.

Islandsparrow said...

Sorry to hear you were sick although a few days off is always nice.

I'm enjoying the Olympics too - although I think we're cheering for different teams :)

Congratulations on your new plate - I've always wanted a birthday plate - I keep looking for them at second hand stores but haven't found one yet. Maybe I'll win one :)

Happy weekend and hope you're feeling all better soon.

Stephani said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love the red plate idea. I'm going to have to check into that! Glad you are getting better and enjoying the olympics from your comfy chair!

Marg said...

I missed you while you were gone.
Glad you are back again and feeling better.
I know about the computer issues...I just had mine updated again and I need to start all over learning, but I will keep plugging along.
What a wonderful Gold on your American men's ice-skating performance.

Hazel said...

What a wonderful giveaway! Congratulations on winning it. I'm glad you are feeling better. Watching the olympics from your favorite chair is just great. Yay!

Brenda said...

Congratulations on winning the giveaway, that always feels good!

I hope you continue to enjoy your favorite chair until you are all better!

Anonymous said...

So glad you had time off to recover properly, Jerri. Enjoy your new computer's speed. That you got 7 years out of your old 'puter is quite a feat!

ellen b said...

Hi Jerri! Sorry to hear about your being under the weather. That is so cool that you got a favorite comfy chair for 15 bucks!! The Olympics have been fun to watch. I can't stay up that late but I've tried to remember to DVR the shows so I can watch in the morning :0)
Yippee for your new computer...

Karyn said...

welcome back, Jeri! I've missed you.

Glad you were able tohave time off o recouperate in your favorite chair!

I love the red plate idea..wish I'd had one when my kids were growing up. Conrats on the giveaway win, BTW

Willow said...

I'm glad you're feeling better! Enjoy relaxing in that chair while you watch the rest of the Olympics!

Have a great weekend!