Monday, March 2, 2009

Cry of the Heart - John 4:4

This week's challenge for "What's OnYour Mind, '09" is to write a devotional. Visit Shane at Heart Reflections to read the other blog devos.

John 4:4 “And he must needs go through Samaria.”

It is so interesting to me that the Word tells us that Jesus needed to go to Samaria. It even said that He must! One of the dictionary meanings for the word must is “to be required by immediate or future need”.

Why did He need to go to Samaria? Could it be that the cry of someone’s heart summoned Him?

In Jesus’ day, taking a detour was not a simple thing. After all, He and His disciples walked everywhere they went. Today, we don’t take the time to call someone that is on our heart; however, He spent the better part of the day walking just to talk to someone.

That someone was the woman at the well. The Bible doesn’t tell us her name. Maybe that was a kindness. Perhaps if people knew her name, they would look down on her for having five husbands.

Five husbands. Five rejections. How bruised the heart of this woman must have been! Could it be that each time her marriage ended, she cried out to God, “Help me! What’s wrong with me? Why does this keep happening?” Or perhaps, she was the one that ended those unions. Perhaps guilt wracked her conscience.

Whatever the reason, Jesus heard her heart cry. At just the right time, He showed up. He offered her the Living Water, the only thing that would heal that broken heart.

Father, I thank You that You hear the cry of our hearts that no one else hears. It’s so wonderful to know that if need be, You will go out of Your way to show up and meet our need. There is no other God like You! You are full of loving-kindness! I love you! Amen.


Anonymous said...

Great devotional! Go ahead and link it up in the comment section. No worries that it's not in mark... God's Word is alive - and someone out there needs to hear this!

Mary Beth said...

What a beautiful devotional. Thank you so much for this encouraging, love-filled post.