Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Where has the time gone? I just realized I have not blogged in 10 days! Christmas has worn me out ...

I thought it would be nice for the fam to wish you Happy Holidays, so here are pictures of everyone taken in front of the tree:

Malia, our youngest.

Janae, our middle child.

Liss should be excited about the New Year - since she is now a graduate, no school!

Well ... she won't be in school as a student, she will be the teacher.

I'm thankful for everyone that visits my blog.

I pray that 2009 will be your most blessed year ever!

Jim says he wishes everyone a Happy New Year.


tammy said...

In all these years, have I not seen a picture of you!!!??? I expected dark hair. You look great!! In fact your whole family looks wonderful! And woohoo on the oldest going back to school as a teacher, instead of a student. :)

Happy New Year to you!!

Oh...and hop over to my blog and check out "introducing..." You can see our family at Christmas. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family - gorgeous girls!. Wowee! Happy New Year!