Monday, October 13, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

It's no secret that I enjoy participating in memes. It helps me discipline myself to write something regularly. One of the reasons I started my blog was to help me become a more disciplined writer. So, that being said, here is the latest meme that I am joining: Peggy's "The Simple Woman's Daybook."

For Today...Outside my a night sky with clouds that is slowly waking up to dawn.

I am thinking...that Monday is a fresh start to the week. I love Mondays because it's a new beginning and who knows what the week may bring?

I am thankful for... all that God has given me. So many thoughts of things to be thankful for are whirling around in my mind. It's hard to settle on just one!

From the kitchen... dinner this evening will be spaghetti and garlic bread and some type of dessert. I am wavering between brownies and no-bakes.

I am favorite dark brown pants with a beige top with white accents.

I am reading... the first of the Tides of Truth novels from Robert Whitlow. He is such an excellent Christian writer! I can't pick which of his books I like the best ...

I am hoping...the computer repairman made it to my office to fix the computer Friday. [I had taken Friday off.]

I have planned ... to find more quiet time with the Lord.

I am hearing... the occasional sounds of traffic as people begin their work day.

Around the peace and quiet -- no one else is awake, yet!

One of my favorite things... is a cup of hot tea to start my morning. Ahhh....

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... to work ahead on getting things ready for the board meeting, and to write some posts for upcoming days.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

This is a picture I took while traveling through a national forest. I love this picture because it looks like the trees are forming a tunnel. From there, you might enter a secret place!

If you'd like to read what others have put in their daybooks, visit Peggy here.


Love Bears All Things said...

Hello and welcome to Daybook on Mondays. Monday is not my favorite day at all. I'm always slow to get started.
I like Robert Whitlow also. Have you read anything by T. Davis Bunn.
Mama Bear

Tiffany said...

I have read some of Robert Whitlow's books. I'll have to look into the Tides of Truth series. I need something new to read.
I enjoyed your daybook, have a great week!

sjs said...

Hi there.:) Love your picture. I could just imagine myself walkind down that road and hearing the birds chirping away.:) Love your day book. I have never read anything by Robert Whitlow. It is hard to find christian authors at my public library. I will have to see if they have any of his books. Thanks for reading my blog.:)

Van said...

I liked the picture you took and shared with us. What is it about a tree covered lane that grabs us so?

MrsMomma said...

Love the picture! I always love it when trees frame a road like that, you're right, its like the entrance to a secret place!

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

Chez Nous said...

Welcome to the Simple Women! I enjoyed your Daybook entry and that's a beautiful picture.

A happy heart at home said...

Welcome to the Daybook! I enjoyed your post.


Sherry said...

Love the picture!

God is good! :D

Yum - spaghetti!!

I've never heard of the author. What type of writing does he do?

I'm pretty new to the daybook meme, too. Thanks for sharing yours!

Kate said...

Thanks so much for sharing what you are reading. I have been on the hunt for some more recommended Christian authors lately. I will definitely check out Robert Whitlow next time we are at the library.

Rhoto said...

Hi Jerri!
I'd like to participate in "The Simple Woman's Daybook" too!!
Did you just copy the picture, the format and add your name to the list? Is there anything else involved??
Thank you SOOO much!
Warm greetings,
Rhonda in Montreal