Monday, June 2, 2008

Why I Started Blogging

A few weeks back I read in Today's Pentecostal Evangel all about blogs and how they can be a witnessing tool. I decided to check it out. Now, I'm hooked! In fact, I see where it could get out of hand ... The first blog I looked at was Marybeth Whalen's Cheaper by the Half Dozen blog. It was like finding a friend! She very graciously had a blogroll with her favorite blogs listed. I looked at a couple and then bookmarked them. The next day I looked some more and then realized all those blogs had blogrolls ... well, I HAD to look at them, too. That's all it took. I'm a fan. And someday ... when I figure out how to do it ... I will make a blogroll and introduce you to all the great blogs I have found. My home page will have to be a mile long to fit them in, but it will be worth it.

The only thing, this is another area that my perfectionism can mess me up. At first, I just wanted to put in a devotion every few days. (Devotional writing is one of my passions. My kids say I can see a devotion in anything.) I didn't want to post anything until I had it written just so. However, I noticed something. The blogs that I like most to read aren't perfect -- don't get me wrong, they are waaay ahead of me. I just mean ocacsionally there is only a sentence or two, or sometimes just a sharing of everyday events, not unlike a journal. I really enjoy that; in fact, every day I love to see if anything has been added to my favorite blogs. I'm always disappointed if there isn't anything new. (Not to put pressure on anybody or anything ...)

I named this blog Jerri's Journey because I love alliteration, and because the idea that once we become a Christian we start on a journey that ends with us getting to our final destination -- heaven. My intention is to share what I learn along my journey. Maybe Jerri's Journal would have been a better idea. Boy, for a minute, I was thinking "Jerri's Journaling Journey" but don't worry, I was firm with myself and reigned in my obsessive personality.

Ok, I've rambled enough. Why do YOU blog, and what do you hope to accomplish? Please share!

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