Friday, July 17, 2020

Something Everyone Needs: A Smile

There is something you can do for each person you meet. It costs nothing monetarily and requires very little effort but it goes a long way towards brightening one's day.

Simply offer a smile.

Think of how the world could look if you only encountered smiles everywhere you went!

Smiling is something every human can do; but how much more should a Christian smile? 

You're representing the Good News to the world. Why not act like it?

Years ago, there was a lady I noticed from the platform whenever I was on the worship team. There's no other way to describe it: She'd sit there looking like a sour pickle. It used to kill me! How in the world can you draw other people to Jesus looking like that?

I'm very passionate about this. If you are filled with excitement and hope on this journey to meet your Savior, notify your face! If you say are you are a Child of God but not feeling joy and peace, it's time to hit the altar and find out why.

We should be smiling with joy. We've heard the gospel. We are now children of God.  We are Christ's ambassadors.

I want to be smiling at everyone I meet. Maybe, just maybe, someone will be curious and want to know more.


This post is written in response to the one-word prompt, "smile," issued by the Five Minute Friday co-hort of writers. Their challenge is to write five minutes on one word.

My five minutes is up, but I'd also like to challenge you to smile even when wearing a mask. You might say, "What does it matter? My lips are covered up." I think we will still be able to tell if a person is smiling - their eyes will sparkle and there will be eye-crinkles. Plus, a smile makes your voice will be more pleasant. People can tell if you are smiling, or not.

Smile! God loves you!


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  1. Simple, but true. I only like to eat sour pickles, I don't like to hang around them. =) I find that my natural expression is not one of joy (some may call it RBF, excuse the term), but that does not excuse me from expressing the joy of the Lord. It just means that I have to be that much more aware of what I am presenting to those I encounter. Thank you for the reminder. I am going to smile A LOT today. =)

    See, I even put two smiley emojis in my reponse.

  2. So true. How many people do we see busy doing but never smiling while they do what they want to do. We have so much to smile about with Jesus your end neighbour x

  3. We truly have SO much to smile about, don't we? #5

  4. Yes, we all need to smile more and make the conscious decision to look for the good and be happy, even when times are tough! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I agree with you 100%. I smile behind my mask by being friendly and cheerful and greeting people, thanking people, saying thank you, doing something nice for someone else and by saying thank you. Some people greet me back, and others ignore me. Maybe they are having a bad day or maybe they don’t like a bald woman with a pink breast cancer cap. If I encounter a friendly cheerful cashier at the grocery store who makes me smile I get his or her name ( on their ID badge) call up the store manager and tell him or her what a good employee they have. They are rewarded for things like that. I have plenty of heartbreaking situations in my life right now but God gives me comfort and strength and joy. I am not perfect, I have my bad days as well as my good days.But when I look at how good God is, and all of His blessings, I smile.

    #16 FMF

  6. I'm a smiler and I miss being able to smile with my mouth but I hope my eyes are sparkling.

  7. For sure, I see your smile light up behind that mask, Jerralea!

  8. That's one thing I am missing during this time. Smiling at others and seeing their smiles.

  9. I can tell you're smiling underneath the mask and it's lovely! I agree with you; a smile is a great way to spread God's love as his ambassadors. Thanks for this encouragement, Jerralea!


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