Friday, July 12, 2019


Today, I'm joining the community at Five Minute Friday where writers free write on a one word prompt for 5 minutes. Today's word is:  WILLING


When we give our lives to Christ, we don’t start dwelling in Utopia. We still have challenges; the difference is, we now have Christ beside us to guide us and be with us.

The reason we are not immediately taken to heaven after conversion is that we have stuff to do and stuff to learn.

How much easier will it all be if we are willing participants in the things the Lord wants to teach us? If you’ve ever tried teaching a class with an unwilling student, one that does not want to be there, then you know you have a tough assignment!

One time I was part of a group exercise where you listed on an index card a quality you appreciated about the person. The card was passed around the room and everyone wrote one thing. The thing I treasured most on mine was this: “She is willing to do whatever is asked of her.”

I’ve got big dreams and goals in life, almost impossible ones that I’m stretching toward. Yet, if that phrase, “willing to do whatever is asked of her” can still be said at the end of my life, I’ll feel pretty good about things.

One caveat – I should say, “willing to do whatever God asks of her,” because sometimes humanity will heap too much on us. Sometimes … it is myself that heaps too much on me!


Do you feel you are a willing person? What do you want said about you at the end of your life?


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Susan said...

That I was teachable and kind.

Jennifer said...

Wow - what a nice compliment you were given. I would hope that something similar could be said of me! Enjoyed your thoughts this morning!

Karen Sebastian-Wirth said...

She took chances to help others and was willing to always to God's will. I would love to receive that accolade.

ellen b. said...

Absolutely great with the caveat you added!