Friday, June 28, 2019

Why Pray? Our World Needs Us!

Today's Five Minute Friday word prompt fits in so well with my series, The 5 Questions of Prayer: Who, What, Why, Where and How. The prompt is the word, "world," and I will use that word as I write about the "why" of prayer.


There are a host of reasons to pray, but today we will look at three:

The first why: Our world needs us to pray. As children of God we can come before the throne of God and ask for help in time of need - not just for ourselves, but for others, too. The most selfless thing we can do is to go into spiritual battle for other people.

Sometimes, people are sick and discouraged and have no strength to pray. We can do it for them.

Also, people who don't know the Lord need us to pray for them. We pray that the Lord of the harvest will send forth workers into their field. 

In other words, we pray the Lord will send the people to speak the word and tell of God's love in just the right way to catch their attention. God knows what it will take to get us to listen. Our part is to pray for willing workers to be sent; and then if He sends US to go, too, we are to be willing to go.

Sometimes our family members won't listen to us, but they will listen to a co-worker or a classmate. Sometimes a complete stranger knows just the right word to say!

Then, we are to pray because we're commanded to do so. Obedience is our second why!

" ... men always ought to pray and not lose heart" Luke 18:1b NKJV

We are not to give up when it seems we are not getting results. When we pray, God is setting the answer into motion. Don't give up. Be persistent. The answer will come!

Stop! (But of course, I must finish up with my third point.)

Our third why of prayer: God made us for fellowship. How can we be companions if we never talk to each other? If you never talked to your spouse, family or friends, it wouldn’t take long for them to believe you don’t care about them. In the same way, God wants us to pray and to communicate with Him.

Ministering to others, obedience, fellowship - it's why we pray and impact our world.

Are you in the habit of prayer? Leave a comment and tell us all about your "why" to pray.


  1. All perfect points - but I'm struck with point three. We are designed for fellowship and communication. We were made to talk with our Heavenly father - and (this is the joy!) He desires to fellowship and communicate with us. That is just amazing!! Prayer is not only a privilege but such a gift!! So enjoyed your post!!

  2. I pray because I know it "works". We communicate our needs to God and our wants, desires, etc., and he miraculously answers them in incredible ways. I was just thinking about the wonder of prayer today. I was remembering about when we lived in Prescott and there were quail around us. I remember one day at the end of my prayer saying to God that I wished I had seen baby quail that year but as it was approaching late spring, early summer I didn't think I would and that was okay. I started to clean the kitchen and happened to look outside and there were 16 baby quail coming toward the kitchen window. Now if that wasn't an answer to prayer, I don't know what would have been. So prayer works and that is why I keep on praying even if I have to wait for an answer or don't get the answer I necessarily might want.


  3. I pray because Jesus modeled it for me!! And i love Him. he guides me, corrects me, gives me wisdom and counsel, comforts me and i want to go deeper and be more intimate with my blessed Redeemer!!
    Love all the reasons why and they are all important but to me personally, He is my Friend and the Lover of my soul.

    I love him!!!

  4. Pray...because even our Savior, the Son of God prayed!

  5. The world needs us to pray. I love this reason, Jerralea. When the empty lot next to us began construction on a Hindu temple, I knew the Lord put it next to us partially because he wanted me to be in prayer for them.


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