Friday, June 7, 2019


Today, I'm joining the Five Minute Friday community to write for 5 minutes on a one-word prompt.


It's funny the prompt for this week's FMF would be "well." I'm filling in for our worship leader Sunday night, and I was pondering what my line-up could be. I was thinking of adding our pianist's favorite hymn - and mine - "It Is Well," to the list.

That song speaks to me on so many levels. The story behind the song gets me. The writer lost all of his children in an accident at sea, yet he still rests in God. 

And I can never think of the phrase, "It is well," without thinking of the Shunamite woman in the bible, who could still say "it is well," when facing even the death of her child.

I don't know if I'm there yet. I don't know if I could say "it is well," in the midst of death, even though in my head I know for the Christian death is not a bad thing, but the ultimate victory. We're just all trying to get Home, and death is graduation day. The day when we finally arrive where we always wanted to be. But would my heart be able to recognize the gloriousness of that reality?

[STOP, 5 minutes are up!]

Saying, "it is well," is really saying, "I'm trusting you, Lord. You know best. You have my best interest at heart. You love my loved one even more than I do. If you say it is time for them to go Home, then that is absolutely what needs to happen."

"It is well, and I know You will help me believe that every step of the way."

What about you? Have you been able to say, “it is well,” when life throws you a curve? My friend Jesus would be delighted to sit a spell with you and He would listen as you pour your heart out. He doesn’t always promise answers, because you might not be able to bear it or understand at that moment, but He does promise to be with you and never leave you.

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Jennifer said...

I love that thought - saying "it is well" is acknowledging "God, you have my heart." It is a surrender that is not easy but when it is, indeed, well, with our soul....what a gift is ours!!

betty said...

I truly get the concept of "it is well" but I'm not sure I could say it and mean it. I hope I get there eventually this side of eternity.


ellen b. said...

So much depends on trust and obedience.