Friday, January 5, 2018

Calling Motivates

Here is a five-minute free-write on the word:  Motivate.


When I determine what motivates me, I believe it is my calling.

For example, because of my calling to be a leader in my church, I am motivated to attend every function and be willing to help in any way I can.

Because I feel called to teach, I am motivated to put in hours each week researching the scriptures and writing my lesson.

Calling motivates.

Since I'm called to be a wife and mother, I am motivated to prepare meals, do laundry and generally all the things required to run a home.

I'm called to be a MiMi so I am motivated to find new things to do with the twins. Instead of lying on the couch after dinner, I am motivated to sit with the twins at the table and draw or put together puzzles. Sometimes, I'm down on the floor with them playing with cars or building block towers.

Sometimes, MiMi needs a hand up after being down on the floor.

Some of the sweetest words ever are, "MiMi, will you play wis me?"

You bet I will!



My five minutes are up, but I want to explore further the thought that calling motivates.

I didn't think of it as a calling at the time, but when I met and fell in love with my spouse, you could say I felt the calling to be a wife.

Because of that call, or desire, I made the effort to spend countless evenings together getting to know my loved one.

Sure, it would have been nice sometimes after a tiring day at the office to call date night off and laze around reading a novel. But I was motivated!

I'd get ready, putting lots of time and attention into looking my best. Throwing on my sweats and a tee was never an option.

Then, for me, the greatest effort of the evening would be to focus my thoughts, and listen - really listen - to my future husband and get to know him.

Listening is work, is it not?

Of course, when you are in love, all the effort at building a relationship is not work to you but a joy. 

We got married and built a life; but years down the road, after having three little girls, we had to walk the road of illness. My husband was diagnosed with bi-polar disease. His disease was so severe, he became disabled.

I was forced to become the breadwinner. Because of my calling to be a wife and mother, I was now motivated to get up every day and go to work.

People, it was hard for me! I had always wanted to be that rare thing – a homemaker who stays home and devotes herself fully to keeping a home.

But … I like to eat. My kids like to eat. We enjoy having heat, electricity - and internet!

Even when I don't want to go, I am motivated to get up, get out, and get to work.

Calling motivates!


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martha68 said...

hi jerralea, I'm martha, your next door neighbor at FMF:) great post. calling does motivate. i went down a totally different stream from yours today. yours is a great one. i like what you did with it. sad to read your story but i see that it has had its share of joy as well. blessings this new year:)

Jeannie said...

Hi Jerralea - I really like what you've said here about calling being a motivator. It sounds as if you have had some very joyful AND very difficult callings and learned God's strength through them. I'm a mom of 2 teens on the autism spectrum, and I definitely feel a sense of calling by God to this role. It doesn't exactly make it *easy* or always *fun* -- but I trust that God will enable me to do what He's called me to do. Glad to read your post today.

Jeannie (#73 on this week's linkup)

Kelly Blackwell said...

Hi Jerralea,
Your post was special. I think it is amazing that you are a Mimi and you have had some very special calls on your life. You remind me that our calling can expand and grow. Even as your role changed as the breadwinner, you still were following your calling of being a wife and mom. Great post truly.

Have a great week!

Visiting from FMF #68

Faith said...

YES!! A calling DOES Motivate. i'm called to be a special education teacher and from 2007-2016 I was an aide in the public school district. My oldest was just starting high school (same district which is why I chose this job) won't go into it but let's just say it was NOT good. I didn't get to teach and I saw SO MANY WRONG THINGS being done (regarding special education). So after wrestling in prayer the Lord created a certain circumstance to happen and voila....I quit! after 3 months, I felt like God was calling me to go back to special ed prek (I was a master teacher in an inner city prek of emotionally disturbed children, ages 3-5 from 1987 when i got my MS to 1995 when I felt the call to be a SAHMom) the Lord provided me with my new position as Assistant Special Ed Teacher in a special ed prek setting about 20 min from my home and I've now been there a year and LOVE it. I am motivated once again. yes it is easier to work now because one is in the work world although still living at home and the "baby" is in college, first year.
Jerralea, your post inspires me to write more. I did feel a "call" to be a blogger and got away from writing what God was putting on my heart. I don't have a lot of followers but that isn't the point, right? THANK you for this post. I'm so glad I logged in before leaving for church!! :) Bless you