Friday, April 21, 2017


Funny how today, in two different author's words, "sing" came up.

What is it that makes your soul sing?
Your answer is how God made you to rest.                                       Shelly Miller

One suggested writing about the word "sing." One asked what makes my soul sing.

I thought of the scripture that tells us to sing and make melody in our hearts to the Lord.

Besides singing to the Lord, perhaps finding the "why" of the singing is important.

Scripture suggests it; so, I know it is a good thing.

But I'm thinking perhaps we are made to sing. Something inside needs to lift in praise and thanksgiving and what better way to do that than to sing?

I've also heard that if you can find what makes your heart sing, you've found your life's work - what you were made to do.

Lately I've not been singing much.  Burdened down with daily cares and a too-long to-do list, I've not made time to sing. I've not even considered it. I'm the poorer for it.

Singing lifts the heart - anything that does that is worthwhile.

Tonight, I'm going to a concert to hear people sing. It will be at a big venue where people have forked over a lot of money for the tickets. I expect to enjoy it; but, is listening to singing as worthwhile as joining in?

I will try not to annoy my seat-mates and sing along at the concert ... at least not on the outside!

I'm sharing my post at Kate Motaung's Five Minute Friday community at her blog "heading HOME."


Carol Van Der Woude said...

Singing is a good thing, giving thanks, realizing our blessings lifts our spirit. You are right! I hope you enjoy the concert. Have a blessed weekend. I'm visiting from FMF.

E Adams Wright said...

I hope you sang loud and long at the concert last night, even if you only did so on the inside:-). And may the One who gives us songs in the night (Job 35:10) give you the grace and strength to keep on singing after the concert. Visiting from FMF. Blessings.

ellen b. said...

Singing is near and dear to my heart. God speaks to me a lot through music. I hope you did sing out loud at the concert! :)

Linda Stoll said...

Keep singing a song, friend ... your voice loud and strong and filled with hope and joy!