Friday, March 31, 2017

March Wrap-Up

I can NOT believe that today is the last day of the quarter. How quickly 2017 is flying by!

I'm grateful Spring is on its way, although I'm a little sad to stow away my boots. If all works out, the hubs and I will take a short, but sweet, ride through the countryside tomorrow in search of some picturesque church buildings and flowering trees.

In other words ... ROAD TRIP!

Before I move forward into Spring, I find it such a helpful practice to reflect on the month that has slipped away. March was a good month in so many ways.

Here in my corner of the world:

All winter, our weather had been so mild, we were braced for change at any time. After all, the motto in the part of the country where I live is, "You don't like the weather? Just hang on, it changes hourly." It was felt our good fortune to have such a warm winter would change at any moment.

On March 13th, prospects look good for snow.

By lunch time, it was gone ...  And, eighteen days later ...

our town square looked like Spring!

March Ministry:

We finished up 1st Thessalonians in my Adult Bible Class and started on 2nd Thessalonians. We've had some really good discussions. March drawing to a close makes me feel a bit sad as I'm losing one of my students:  the Pastor.  Pastor and his family have decided to move to Alabama.

I'm going to love them anyway, but still!

The first Wednesday in March was my turn to share a message at our Wednesday night bible study. I was so excited about the insights God gave me on What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do that I not only shared with my church family but I wrote up a series of posts sharing the 6 Steps I feel God gave me. You can find the links to first four posts here. I will finish up in April

On the Blog:

Besides my series, I discussed the fact the Lord has told us "Do Not Fear" more than any other command on one of my Morning Pages, the March 10 edition, and shared an interesting dream about grace on March 23rd.

The most viewed post in March was my February Wrap-Up which didn't get published until March 3.

I've been busy.

I'm excited to see what April will bring!

Since I like to also include 5 highlights on my wrap-up posts, I will end by listing them (one of my very favorite things to do!):

  • I'm thankful our Farewell Fellowship for the Pastor and his Family was a huge success.
  • I'm loving looking back on some great services in March. The presence of the Lord was very sweet at our church!
  • Thankful the babies learned to eat soup this month (on their own - without us feeding it to them). They loved it, although I'm convinced part of the fun was slurping from a spoon. Since I love to make soup, this was a very good thing.
  • I've been reading All In by Mark Batterson, and getting so much out of it. What a blessing to have access to the church library!
  • Quote of the month:

“The Bible is meant to be bread for daily use, not cake for special occasions” Cyndi Spivey

As Brody says at the end of Papa's prayers: AAAAAA-Men!


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Faith said...

That last quote is great!! :D
Yay for the toddlers learning to use a spoon and liking soups.
It can be so hard when dear friends move...I can't imagine our pastor moving away.....yikes..we have been under him since 2005 and he has been the pastor since 1990 when the church was founded/started. (he came with the billy graham association to albany that summer and God told him to stay and plant a church!!!)
I hope spring is really there for you..we woke up to a dusting of snow that melted before 10 a.m. when rain came down...and is STILL coming down!! April in the north east...we are hoping the tulips do well this year...
have a great weekend

Barbara H. said...

Have fun on your road trip tomorrow! I am loving all the spring changes. It's so hard when a pastor moves away. Glad the Farewell Fellowship went well. Fun that the little ones loved soup slurping!

betty said...

How cute with the grands liking soup and being able to eat it on their own! That's an added plus when trying to figure out meal plans. March did seem like a good month for you!


Michele Morin said...

We have a road trip planned for April vacation, and I'm so excited. It's always so good to know what you are up to, Jerralea, and I am with you in this feeling of "WHERE DID THE TIME GO?"
Blessings to you, friend!

Anonymous said...

Nice wrap up! Yippee for a road trip. Hope you find a lot of great Spring scenes!

Susanne said...

I'm a soup girl from way back and my grandbabies when they come will definitely have to like it too! ;)

I'm hearing where is the time going all over the blogging world. Hope you had a wonderful road trip.