Friday, December 9, 2016

Weekly Wrap Up and a F.F.F.

Gratitude is key.

"In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."1 Thessalonians 5:18

In this season of giving, it's important to give thanks to God. I know we just had a month of Thanksgiving but really thankfulness is a lifestyle.

FFF helps me do just that! Friday's Fave Five is a meme where bloggers share five highlights from their past week. It can be anything that lifts the soul.

Here's my five:

Thankful for soup - I love love love making soup. There is something so satisfying and fulfilling about chopping up vegetables and making a flavorful broth! It gives me quite the Suzy-Homemaker-ish type feeling. If I'm able to get it ready and put in the crockpot before I leave for work, I am even more excited. Coming in the door and smelling a wonderful meal already made is definitely a win-win for me.

Thankful for new recipes that add variety to my menu. Let's face it, when you have been cooking for 40 years you can get bored out of your mind. I love finding new recipes on Pinterest or Facebook and changing it up. Here's my latest newbie, Ham and Cheese Rolls. Delish!

Thankful for cozy winter evenings with a grandkid on my lap. Normally, the twins are busy every minute with doing some type of activity. But when they see MiMi on the couch with a fleecy warm blanket, somehow they are much more tempted to climb up on her lap and let her read them stories.

Thankful for the opportunity to study and then share God's word. This week was my turn to do the Wednesday night bible study. I wrapped up my teaching on James with sharing about chapter 5. I especially love James 5:13-16 that encourages to pray for one another and sing when we are cheerful!

Thankful for these two: They crack me up! (Okay, I know I already mentioned the twins, but they are special enough for two mentions.)

How did YOUR week go? I'd love to know! Leave a comment, or consider linking up a post of your own at the lovely and gracious Susanne's space, Living to Tell the Story. You will enjoy being part of a great community.

I'm also linking up with another great community at Word of God Speak. Join Janis Cox and her friends there for sharing some awesome thoughts.


Karen said...

You are so right that thankfulness is a we chose to live in and thrive...or disregard and reap regrets.

My husband and I love making/eating/sharing soup all year long! It is true that soup is especially good in cold weather but with such versatility we enjoy it 52 weeks a year.

PS: There can never be a cap placed on grandkid grandmothers we have earned that right!

Linda Stoll said...

I'm with you, friend. Gratitude is key to all that matters, all that honors Christ, all that counts forever.

Thanks for going there this Friday ...

Advent blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

I love soup this time of year, too - so comforting and warming. And I agree, grandkids can take more than one place on the list. :-) Mine is the same way - often too "busy" to sit on Grandma's lap any more. But there is something about a blanket and a book. Had to laugh about your comment re getting bored with what we've been cooking for 40 years. I get that way, too, and it's fun to try a new recipe that everyone ends up liking.

Faith said...

YES! may we always have an attitude of gratitude!

the twins are getting so they live with you?

I love homemade soups too and am getting a nice collection. even some vegan ones for my teen girl who has us eating MANY more veggies!! win win when all goes in the slow cooker!

enjoy your weekend doing the things you love.

Anonymous said...

Great thankfuls Jerralea! Have a good weekend.

Ann said...

Yes, soup is great. I remember how liberating it was to realize that, once you know how to make soup, you don't really have to have a recipe - just throw stuff in!! And it is so good for these cold winter days. Happy weekend to you--

betty said...

I always like food cooked in a crock pot. I agree with you, it is sometimes good to check out new recipes. We get weary of planning meals nightly for all the years we have done so. I crave when hubby comes up with an idea :)


Michele Morin said...

You should definitely just put those twins in whenever and how ever many times you want. And Yes -- SOUPS are so great! Definitely something to be thankful for. Especially if the leftovers will cover another meal!

Lesley said...

I enjoyed reading your list. It's so important to remember all we have to be thankful for.

Susanne said...

Thankfulness is definitely a lifestyle that must be practiced or it so easily slips away. I'm a soup lover from way back. They've been most satisfying here as the temperature is so very frosty! Warms us right up. The ham and cheese rolls look delicious and I'm thinking would go wonderful with soup! Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to slow those little ones down. :D