Monday, October 10, 2016


Today, I'm traveling on my Journey. I had a destination in mind and entered it into my GPS system. The trip was a breeze. All I had to do was obey the instructions and I arrived at my destination in record time. Keep in mind I was unfamiliar with landmarks and street names. The landscape was unknown to me.

Actually, spiritual travel is somewhat similar. I do have a destination in mine - Heaven, my forever home. But I have no idea what I might encounter along the Way. What God has planned for me on my journey is unknown.

It takes faith to follow a GPS, especially if the directions seem to be oposite of what you might think you should go.

It also takes faith to follow the leading of the Spirit. What I might feel impressed to do, and where I might feel led to go on my journey might not make sense to me; but, if I feel God's leading I would do well to obey.

He sees the big picture - the whole map, if you will. I can only see to the next bend of the road on my horizon.

In the natural, it comes down to whether or not I trust my GPS. Spiritually speaking, it's the same thing, do I trust my Leader, my Guide? Or would I be foolish enough to go my own way?

What would you choose?

Here's a YouTube video of beautiful song that talks about falling God's leading into the great unknown:

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The Journey is our way Home. There is nothing more important than making that final destination. Jesus paid my ticket there, but I have to walk it out. In October, I will be observing the things that happen while traveling the Journey and writing a daily post about my observations.

Because I like to stretch myself, I will also do a challenge within a challenge - 31 days of 5 minute free writes. I will take a topic and run with it, writing furiously for 5 minutes, tailoring it to relate to my theme of examining life along the Journey.

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betty said...

I'm learning to trust my GPS. Hubby read some place recently that instead of saying "I love you Lord" we should be saying "I trust you Lord" which I'm trying to do in addition to saying I love you to him. Its hard to give him an unknown future and trust he knows what is best, though time after time he has proved faithful so why wouldn't he prove faithful this time around? You would think too that I would get the trust issue and trust and exercise that faith muscle. I'm a work in progress, some days are better than other ones.


Lisa notes... said...

Hmmm...I wonder what God is trying to say to me...I've been having dreams lately about following my GPS and now I see your post about it. :) I want to follow my spiritual GPS for God to lead me on this journey! Thanks for sharing this, Jerralea.

Tammy said...

Love your example!! :)

Susanne said...

This is confirmation for me. Love that song and just saw Hillsong United's movie last week and Taya Smith's (the singer in that song) story of trusting God really spoke to me. Wow.