Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Beauty Beyond Comprehension

I had planned today to write about the beauty of nature. I love sharing pictures of my road trips and the beauties I've observed of God's creation.

But when I was in my devotional time, I ran across Isaiah 53:4, which says in part:

"And when we see Him, There is no beauty that we should desire Him"

This passage is talking about Jesus, the incarnate Jesus, and ends with the thought that we didn't esteem Him. In fact, we thought He was under God's judgement and was being punished.

We didn't think much of Him. OUR sin made Him look less than. 

The nerve of us humans!

Jesus is actually the greatest illustration of of someone whose outer appearance was judged and found wanting when really His inner being radiated a beauty we will never comprehend.  

Have you ever noticed how most art that depicts Jesus makes Him look wimpy? (Maybe that is just me ...) But I think He would have looked strong and outdoorsy. Think of the miles He walked ... the carpenter work He would have done as the oldest son ... the stamina He would have possessed to have a 3 year ministry as an itinerant preacher, always a different location where He would lay His head at night or where He'd park Himself at a dinner table.

Maybe He'd have no beauty but there was something about Him that would draw people to Him, like a moth to a flame.

Perhaps people could just feel His interest in each and every person that crossed His path. Or the force of His personality drew people like a magnet.

Nowadays, the church uses the word beautiful to describe Him. No, we don't know yet what His actual appearance will look like to us; but, no matter, it will be beyond beautiful to the redeemed. 

The One who bears our scars on His body? The One who makes us sons and daughters instead of slaves? The One who gives us abundant life? The One who takes our sins and casts them into the sea?

Yeah, that One will be beyond beautiful to us!


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sue donaldson said...

i'm glad we don't really know what He looks like--I think it'd be distracting. you might enjoy my brother's art - -
thanks for your thoughts.

Monica said...

I have the same mental picture of Jesus that you do! He did not come to us looking like a King on the outside!
Love your topics and writing style!

betty said...

It is interesting how people will want to physically depict Jesus when there is no mention in the Bible of how he looked like physically. Hence, how our outward appearance is not as important to God as our heart. When I picture him, I don't picture so much what he might look like physically, but what he is capable of doing (strength, love, power, mercy, compassion etc)


Michele Morin said...

I don't often think of the beauty of Jesus -- and I'm missing out. I'm all practical with my appreciation for His redemptive work, the grace He offers that covers my sin, and the life He makes possible. But this is all a thing of beauty, isn't it! So glad to have found your words, Jerralea!

Leah Adams said...

The older I grow, the more eager I am to look on His beautiful face and worship Him. Your post renewed my desire for that experience that I will one day have. Thank you.

Gena Hood said...

I agree with Sue Donaldson....I am glad we don't have an exact representation of His physical appearance. Goodness knows! We have our hands full spending our days getting to know His heart, and may nothing get in the way of that! Thanks for posting here at The Loft, Jerralea!

Brenda said...

Jerralea, what a sweet post. Love the picture of Jesus being a social magnet, not because of His appearance, but because of the love. :) Thanks for sharing. ((hug))

KellyRBaker said...

The Bible says He wasn't comely, but we sure know His heart was. I'm so thankful that His beautiful heart loves us beyond measure! Visiting from #FreshMarketFriday :)

Crown of Beauty said...

Thank you dear Jerralea for visiting my two blogs (Crown of Beauty and Rhythms of Grace) the past days and leaving your kind response on the three posts I have linked up with Leah Adams' blog linkup. I appreciate your words about the beauty of Jesus. He is indeed beautiful beyond description, but not in the way we would expect. What I believe is that while on earth, he had to be "disguised" to keep His glory hidden, because no man can see God and live. I have scrolled down to read some of your recent posts. It is such a delight to meet some of my blog neighbors, because I must admit, for the past years, I have not been as active as I used to be on blogland. It is only now that I am beginning to visit new blogs again. Thank you for taking time out to connect with me. Looking forward to the new things Abba Father has in store.

Crystal Twaddell said...

So true Jerralea. I don't often think of Jesus appearance, but like anyone, once we truly know the heart, we love apart from any appearance. No I'm wondering what my depiction of Jesus would be, and I really don't know. I do know I would depict him with joy:)