Monday, September 5, 2016

August Lessons

August has passed by and I did not go on even one road trip.

I pause for a moment to ponder the significance of that fact. I mean, I live in the Midwest where 3, possibly up to 5, months of the year it is too cold, dreary, rainy (or the landscapes are nothing but mud and brown sticks) to make a road trip worthwhile.

I'm stopping right now to reflect on my time spent in August; and it falls in two main areas, leadership and book launch teams.

My major highlight of August was participating in our Leadership Conference. I found I am very passionate about leadership. It's been said that a writer should write about what excites them, so some posts about leadership will be up-coming on the Journey.

I'm on the book launch team for two of my favorite authors - Edie Rudder Wadsworth and Shelly Miller.

"All the Pretty Things" Edie's story of beauty and brokenness - I couldn't put it down until I read the last word!

One reason I love Edie so much is because I want to be a soup whisperer like her.

And then there is Rhythms of Rest. I need this book so much especially in the midst of my present busy-ness.

“Extravagant wastefulness with time might prove the most productive thing you choose for yourself.”  #RhythmsOfRest 

Wasting time ... I can do that! Seriously, I feel Shelly means something different. Perhaps allowing myself time to be non-productive might in the end be the best thing for me.

August quotes that spoke to me:

People chase after a fire truck because they want to see a fire. I don't see people chasing after ice trucks. (My buddy Dayna paraphrasing Pastor Curtis True speaking about the difference between a service when the Holy Spirit is moving and a service when the people are cold.)

Trying to find happiness by gathering possessions is like trying to satisfy your hunger by duct taping sandwiches to your body – Ron L. Woodard

 A.W. Tozer, “As God is exalted to the right place in our lives, a thousand problems are solved all at once.”

“We don’t read the Bible so that we can check it off our daily chore list. We are investing time in our relationship with Jesus.”  Brooke Grangard, “7 Biblical Ways to Hear God’s Voice

I've also learned that while my grandson might not want to give kisses all the time, if you ask for a hug, he will be right there, flinging his little arms around my neck and putting his head on my shoulder. * Love!

August favorite post to write:  Daily Offering

August favorite pic:


August most viewed post:  Singing in the Sun

August post receiving the most comments, Singing in the Sun tied with Grateful.

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Anonymous said...

A book launch team, that's interesting. Pondering the Tozer quote. Those twins are getting so big!

Faith said...

i always love quotes by Tozer!

what in the world is a soup whisperer??! lol

Michele Morin said...

Looking forward to your thoughts on leadership! Happy September to you!

betty said...

I think August was a good learning month for you,