Thursday, August 4, 2016

Mess Up

A couple days ago I wrote a post that mentioned being in a pit (A Secure Path), sometimes through circumstances and sometimes just because I messed up.

It's ironic because I just discovered a major mess up, and one of my own making. Whoa! Those words ring in my ears because not too long ago, I did a teaching at my church entitled, "When I'm in a Mess of My Own Making." I hadn't got around to posting that teaching online yet. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm being prophetic, or possibly these instances just prove that I'm down here in the trenches experiencing life with you.

If ever I have come across as seeming like I have this whole thing figured out, please forgive me, because I certainly don't.

So yeah, here I was feeling pretty good about life. Thankful for the blessings God has given, filled with purpose of future things I feel He has for me, Walking about wide-eyed seeing the beauty of the place where I live. I'm going along with my mind and emotions in my happy place, when WHAM!
I fell into a pit. (Well, at least a pothole)

I mean, I wasn't even looking.

(Yes, it happens to bible teachers, too. Maybe especially to bible teachers)

Something happens to me when I discover a mess up made by yours truly.  My face flushes a pink that will NOT fade away and I start sweating bullets. (Maybe because then is when the beating-myself-up inside starts.) My mistake becomes ALL I can think about. Negative self-talk begins, "How could you have ..." and,   "That was such a dumb thing to do ... You should know better!" 

This can go on for days. (And has!)

Turns out I already know what to do when I mess up. I bet you know, too.

Own it. We've all made mistakes; in fact, not a living breathing soul makes it through this life without multiple mess ups. 

Repent. Confess and ask forgiveness. If there is something that can be made right, do it, and do it now.

Strategize. In other words, make a plan so the mess up never happens again. 

Have you been over-committed and therefore did not leave room in your schedule to take care of something important? You may need to rethink your priorities. 

Perhaps you just can't see how the mess up happened. You may need wise counsel.

Maybe the mess up happened because you took a short cut, not seeing the big picture, and how every step was needful. Forget shortcuts and do the work.

And after all that? 

Wait patiently for the Lord to deliver. He always will.

So, I confessed, repented and strategized. Prayed. Prayed some more. Then, this morning, I opened up a devotional I receive daily. As I clicked it open, I prayed, "Lord, I need a Word from You today," and this is what I got:

Yes! Yes, He is! Thank You, God, for Mercy!


I'm sharing this at Kat Bouska's Writer's Workshop because one of the prompts is to write a post inspired by the word: sweating. I figured my description of my feelings when discovering my mess up included sweating and would qualify. Imagine my surprise when I discover that was the prompt for LAST WEEK. Bwahhahahaha! Well, at least I have the perfect title for the post.

Thank you, oh dear readers, for entering into the craziness that Jerralea's Journey sometimes can be. 

This one crazy beautiful messy life.

So ... what's your life been like this week? Make any mess ups?


I'm also sharing this post at Word of God Speak.


betty said...

You did the best thing with taking it to God, I know when I have messed up, I often stew about it for a few days or more before I lay it at His feet. It is always good to let it go to him and know that he will be there for us.


Emily said...

I really like what you did with this prompt! I have chronic illness and sweat it out when I feel guilty for not being able to do everything I want to do with my son. I know I have to stop being so hard on myself. said...

So thankful for our merciful God!

Mimi B said...

I think I end up in pits more often than I care for. I'm thankful for God's never ending grace. My pride often ... always ... gets in the way of repenting. Glad you've been able to get through this. I shared today at Kat's with my sunsets. =)

Carly said...

I think although we know we can go to God sometimes we don't feel like we can when we mess up, but it's definitely the best thing to do. I'm grateful for his mercy!

Joanne Viola said...

Much wisdom in this post, Jerralea. I like the simple steps you outlined for us to follow when we messed up. It is amazing how the Lord can work it all out when we simply admit our mistake and let Him apply His mercy to our lives and to the situation. Blessings!

Mama Kat said...

I always thought when I grew up I would stop doing things that made me feel so terrible about myself, but you're right, we're all human. We all make mistakes. I get red faced and sweat bullets too!

Janis Cox said...

Oh being humble isn't easy. At least for me it isn't. I want to say I was right. I'm learning.
Thanks for joining me at Word of God Speak. I will have to check out that workshop - it sounds like fun. But I have to stop my "blogging holiday". lol:)

Lisa notes... said...

Oh, we've all been there! I certainly have. And each time I think maybe it won't happen again. ha. No way. I continue to mess up and always will as long as I'm here. Thankful for grace to repent and start again, over and over. Thanks for your honesty, Jerralea!

Betsy Hart said...

I so needed to read this post today. Thanks for sharing one of your mess ups.

Speaking of the pit, have you read "Get out of that pit" by Beth Moore? Amazing!