Friday, August 19, 2016


It has long been my practice to participate in a little practice on Fridays, joining in with other bloggers to name 5 highlights of their week. This time of reflection encourages mindfulness - remembering and knowing what happened during my week as well as an opportunity to express gratitude to my Father who arranges my footsteps on this Journey.

I've missed this practice for about a month now. Life seems to be whizzing by at roller-coaster speed right now but I do not want to get away from counting my blessings.

I'm grateful for all the little highlights that come my way!

I'm on a couple book launch teams and I've been blessed to read some awesome content recently! I've finished Edie Rudder Wadsworth's book, All The Pretty Things, and enjoyed it so much. Her story grips me because some parts of it sound like my story. Actually, I think a lot of us can relate to needing a life of healing and forgiveness even if our story is not the same as hers.

And then, I'm excited about reading Shelly Miller's upcoming book, Rhythms of Rest. I'm just getting started reading it and can already tell it's going to be challenging me.  Although she speaks to having a weekly Sabbath, it's also about finding rest in the midst of your life. I love something she said this week,

 "Preparation in Sabbath is much like planning to be with someone we love. "

I remember all those years ago when Jim and I were dating. I always found time to get ready when I knew we were going to be together. What if I made preparing to meet with God like preparing to go on a date? Revolutionary thought - at least to me!

This week was a super-busy week with tons of things to do but I'm thankful to have a couple spots of fellowship in the midst of it:  a ladies meeting on Monday in Missouri with some wonderful friends eating at what may be one of my new favorite places - My Daddy's Cheesecake. (It wasn't all carbs though ... I had an awesome Mandarin Orange Grilled Chicken Salad that was phenomenal!); and on Tuesday, a girl cousins' reunion in Illinois. It's always fun to see the Lively girls and a ton of other people I don't know! I keep requesting a time of introduction so I can keep who's who straight in my mind. Next year, I'm threatening to bring name tags.

This week, I made a purchase that enriched my life.

It cost $9.74

The Ozark Trail cup, comparable to a Yeti, but costs 1/3 the price. One morning, at 6:45 a.m. I put ice and water in my cup. I refilled the water (leaving the same ice) three times during the day. At 9:15 p.m. I was driving home, and noticed there was still some ice in the cup.

Yeah, it's kind of a big deal. (This weekend, I'm going to test it with McDonald's Sweet Tea - my weekly indulgence. I cannot wait!)

I've not had much time with my twinsies this week - I will see them tonight, though! - but as I was giving them good-bye kisses they both said, "I luh you." That's a highlight for any week!

I'm sharing this post of gratitude at Susanne's Friday Fave Five community, and with Grace and Truth at Arabah Joy's, and Crystal's #FreshMarketFriday.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely way to look at the Sabbath. Nice that you had some fellowship times! Sometimes a little thing like a good insulated cup does indeed enrich our lives!

Karen said...

I'm interested in the book you mentioned and will look it up.

Those I 'lub' you's are the sweetest ever:)

Dianne Thornton said...

What a fun post! Sounds like God is blessing you all around ... especially with your twinsies ... (as you read on my blog ... I also have twins ... and there ain't nuthin' funner!) Both books sounds great ... and your salad (and Ozarka Trail mug) sound divine! Have a great weekend, Jerralea!

Anonymous said...

I don't think I'd walk past an establishment called My Daddy's Cheesecake! Glad it was good. Interesting sounding books...
Enjoy your twinsie time!

betty said...

How sweet what the twins said to you :) Sounds like you had a very busy but productive week!


Leah Adams said...

"Rhythms of Rest" is on my 'want to read' list! There are a few others in front of it, however. have a wonderful weekend.

Sandi said...

Love the Bible verse on the painting!

Susanne said...

Both those books sounds really good. Those little twins are so cute even in the way they talk. Sweet!

Linda Stoll said...

Thanks for the focus on gratitude and a thankful heart, friend! Our blessings surely do overflow ...

Willow said...

I'd bring the name tags next year and make a joke about needing them to get people to use them--we went to a family party this weekend and I didn't know half the people (from the other side of the family)--a little awkward...Umm, who are you? How are you related?
Three of the sweetest words from grandchildren--I luh you!